Our Birthdays, their Cakes

Parents will know what Daddy is saying :p
It is your Big day, but the cake might not be yours haha.

Besides doing the Rabbit-sign, our kids always challenge each other to see who blows the candles first!

Hello, what happen to Birthday Boy and Girl (the Daddy and the Mummy !)

You know what?
Most parents will not mind the kids hijacking our cakes, as long as kids are happy.

ps… Kang Someone forgot he was topless throughout our photoshoot hee hee.

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6 thoughts on “Our Birthdays, their Cakes”

  1. Happy Birthday to you and the Mrs! 🙂 you’re so right about the cake, they get to blow off the candles flames before we do! But we’ll gladly let them, every year 😉

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