Singapore Navy’s Intrepid docks at Vivocity

Mention warships and we start thinking about armament, size, displacement and how the vessel fights in sea warfare. Instead, we saw a lot cute kids in uniforms today.

Singapore Navy’s frigate Intrepid is berthed next to Vivocity (Shopping Mall) this weekend, as part of their Navy open house tease. Over 7000 passengers are invited to board the vessel and hear our Navy relates counter-piracy tales from the Gulf of Aden.

We do not need to witness the awesome armament (the Oto, Harpoon, the Aster system) to be impressed. We know this vessel is equipped to deal with threats from the sky, out of sight enemy vessels, and even underwater threats.

When Daddy told us something about Stealth radar-absorbing technology the Intrepid looks like a sampan on someone’s radar, we did not believe him. How can a 114m vessel be a sampan !

We wonder how Formidable-class frigates are manned by 70 plus crew only ?

Anyway, Daddy brought us to role-play as Naval officers today. Kids always look so adorable in smart uniforms πŸ™‚

Salute, Aye Aye Sir !

We even managed to wrestle with our elite Naval diver. Daddy noticed he was sweating buckets under his wetsuit ! Although divers undergo tough trainings, he was happily subdued by little kids today haha πŸ™‚

If one Frigate can generate so much interest, we are absolutely looking forward to Navy’s open house in May !

The Navy booth opens at 1000, and tickets to board the vessels are limited and first come first serve.
But we believe you will enjoy the experience even without boarding the vessel πŸ™‚

More details :
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