Voyage of Dreams

Last Sunday at Central Library’s The Pod, you would have found a cute Penguin.
Let Daddy tell you about our aMAZe-ing adventure πŸ™‚

Voyage of Dreams aims to encourage family bonding through creative play, and the main ingredient is our humble Cardboard (Yes, the same material which is normally associated with our friendly garang-guni)

Cardboard Dreams await when you step out at the 16th floor.

How can you expect the kids to resist the Whale, Balloons, and the MAZE !

A few hours earlier, our kids got to pose with their Hot Air Balloon at home. Who can forget the cartoon UP! To enhance our Dreams, we even pasted photos from our Putrajaya Hot Air balloon adventure.

At around 2 plus, Voyage of Dreams started with a soothing duet from Evelyn and Alf. It was cool to see the kids form part of the entourage.

Games galore, every family was encouraged to bring along their own diy games.
Fire Engine, Fishing and Jenga !

Marvel at the creativity of parents. Kids were eagerly exploring every game station.

At Auto city (name?), the boys were crazy about the cars, plane and train.

It is always easy to make parents smile. As long as the kids are enjoying themselves, we will be beaming broadly too πŸ™‚

At Voyage of Dreams, there were so many opportunities to bring parent and child closer, like TanFamily πŸ™‚

Top down, Wai Wai, Carol and Summer‘s family.

M.A.Z.E for the little ones. This must be the center of attraction !

Chu Chi Tunnels or Naked Mole rat comes to mind when we see the kids relishing their tunnel marathon ! It is a marvel that the kids could navigate inside the tunnel without a map.

Some cheeky ones will purposely stay still so the parents cannot FIND them wahaha !

Video : Hugh Maze of Fun !

Do pop by our Hot Air Balloon demo and Maze construction on Instagram too.

Secretly, Daddy wish he could crawl stealthily inside the tunnel too, but it would be embarrassing if his 1.8m frame got entangle at one of the junction ..

Let us talk about The Prince and his Castle instead, not forgetting THE Sword πŸ™‚

We got storytelling to entertain the kids too, introducing Adora, Wai Wai and yours truly.

Friendships were made, over sword fighting or catapults. Boon Yee told us PC Mum‘s daughters were his Hide & Seek buddies.

More Arts & Craft activities await kids at the basement. Did you see the cardboard Vessel ? It is on display till 31 Oct.

Our cardboard project manager Sarah with her kids (The Playful Parents). Her vision (and Roy’s support) helps to make Voyage of Dreams a BIG success.

Interested to know how her Cardboard dream started from Global CardBoard Challenge?

A BIG shout to our volunteers (from ITE college Central), who spared no effort to ensure the kids enjoy their Angry Bird cardboard adventure. θ°’θ°’ !

We need to thanks National Library Board (NLB) for allocating the venue and the following sponsors for the arts and craft materials.

Voyage of Dreams was a big success, we spotted smiling faces at every corner.

Thank you Voyage of Dreams, for bringing an afternoon of FUN and Laughter to so many families πŸ™‚

We have more photos and games on our Fanpage album.

Are you inspired? Would you like to indulge in some cardboard Fun? Daddy got a lot of inspirations from

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7 thoughts on “Voyage of Dreams”

  1. Hey Andy! Thanks for this wonderful coverage of Voyage of Dreams. You’ve got so many beautiful shots of the event that I didn’t manage to get. BUT most of all, a very BIG thank you for being a part of the programme, sharing a story and making it a dream come true for us all. Just love it when I see daddies like you being so active in your children’s lives. You are also truly inspirational! So very glad to have made new friends in you and the Sengkang babies!

  2. Love the peculiar look of Boon Yee when holding the sign:). Truly playful.
    Nice meeting you, and see our kids became hide & seek buddies. The little fellow of yours seems like a very good buddy to everyone.

    1. hi PC, our sunshine boy Boon Yee is always friendly with everyone.
      We are giving him more leeway (compared to his siblings) because he has such a BIG heart πŸ™‚

      Nice to catchup with you too πŸ™‚
      cheers, Andy

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