Day 2 Cameron Highlands family itinerary – Tea and Strawberry

Day 2 of our Cameron Highlands family itinerary.

On Cameron Highlands (金馬崙高原), you will see farms everywhere, all sorts of vegetables, and spices, and the most famous crop must be Strawberry.

After our breakfast, we are ready for more exploration.
**it is not advisable to have a full breakfast. The food is good, but the winding road is unforgiving !

Cameron Highlands family itinerary
Cameron Highlands family itinerary

First stop, we visit an Orang Asli settlement. Orang Asli are the natives, people who live off the mountains and streams. From our hotel, it is a 45 min downhill drive (from Tanah Rata, near to Ringlet).

How about blowing a few poison darts for orientation? Daddy is joking, tourist’s darts are harmless but we still do not recommend you to run infront of the target board (which happens to be a cute teddy bear !)

After few practice sessions, everyone can be marksman 🙂

We took a peep into Uncle’s humble house. Orang Asli do not need creature comfort like TV, toilets or internet.
Daddy is just curious why they build their huts so near to the winding roads ! Is it not a safety and noise hazard?

We bid farewell to our friend (ah-bak is goodbye)

Next stop on our Cameron Highlands family itinerary, the famous Boh tea plantations. We navigate uphill again. For those driving, do take note that there are only two petrol stations in Cameron Highlands (Ringlet and Brinchang). Do not attempt to drive up or down Cameron when your petrol is blinking empty.

We see a lot of jeeps from WW2 era. Although Jeep are old, you should see how they first tailgate, then overtake you at sharp bends! You can literally smell their diesel exhaust! GIVE WAY to other four-wheel drives who need to go faster. Cameron Highway is easily 30% more challenging than Genting Highland‘s.

We reach the Boh Tea factory after 60min. We advise drivers to leave their cars behind and engage well seasoned guides to bring you up 🙂

After our van has reach the carpark, it is another 15min march up slope. The steps are steep, and gradient is easily 30degrees.

Surprisingly, our boys dashed up the hill with gusto, but Daddy manage to catch up halfway. Please do not detour from the footpath, as the steep slopes are often concealed by the tea bushes.

Let us introduce our friendly guide cum driver, Mr Muthu.

What can you see from the top? Endless tea leaves ! Love the shade of greens carpeting the whole mountain range.

We must be very friendly, a caucasian kid decided to “join” our family photo haha. At the peak, kids make new friends haha.

The wind keeps blowing at the top, and we wonder how cold it will get when day breaks. It must be an amazing experience to camp overnight and let the mist and dew wakes you up in the morning !

Daddy is happy to declare all kids pass the endurance test, let us take more photos.

Every corner we turn, we see more rows of tea leaves ! Picturesque background.

Going downhill is tricky too, we keep reminding kids not to run too fast as they might lose their footing and fall.

We visited a Bee Farm, but rows of flower and strawberries greeted us 🙂

The bees are in the backyard. Kang enjoys the sweet honey, Daddy ask him Honey comes from where?
We open a box which shows the cross section of a beehive. It is amazing to see the bees buzzing here and there so busy !

The caretaker told us these bees are harmless, as long as we keep our prying fingers away from their hive!

Are you hungry by now? SengkangBabies were starving, our breakfast was fully digested by the time we scale Boh Tea plantation earlier.

Back in our resort, our host has prepared a sumptuous and nice-smelling smoked lunch to indulge our tummies. Did Daddy mention he loves the garden setting, which is perfect for dating your beau.

Are you still wondering why the F&B is called Smokey Bear ? Daddy brought the kids to witness how our food is prepared (no pan, nor microwave, just smoke heated chicken chop and salmon !

The SALMON steak is a must-try! The juicy flesh and the crispy skin just melts in our mouth ! Daddy is hungry just looking at the fish. Even the smoked corn looks so appetising.

Boon Kang ordered fish and chip but he prefers the salmon.

Boon Xin just need fries, and she will not share them with anyone, easily :p

Chicken Chop for Daddy. The F&B outlets in Strawberry Park Resorts are halal, so no pork chop 🙂

Everyone agrees the Salmon steak is our favourite dish, yummy 🙂

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

3D2N Itinerary :
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— Day 2 – Strawberry Farms and Tea plantation
— Day 3 – Glorious Sunrise at Brinchang

* Driving tips for Malaysia

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ps.. Cameron Highlands family itinerary and Meals are sponsored by Strawberry Park Resorts

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    1. hi Sam, we were give random sightseeing spots from strawberry’s itinerary. So I am not sure whether it is “countryside” or a mixture. But I suppose you can negotiate with them about adding or removing sight, since Cameron is quite compact.
      cheers, Andy

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