GoPro Legoland

We have been to Legoland a few times, but this is the first time we brought our GoPRo Hero along. Waterproof and fisheye, our GoPro captures all our Fun, smiles and wefie too!

GoPro Legoland, now you can see the rides and slides from our point of view 🙂
You must watch us race down Legoland Waterpark’s Slide Racer and Daddy screaming down Project X with Boon Wee!

Video : For those who has not attempted Slide Racer yet, Boon Xin loves it! At the Lazy river, their favourite past time is spraying water at the Lifeguard!

Earlier, we had a Nice Malay rice at Restaurant Kin Hua. It is actually a coffeeshop opposite JB’s most famous banana cake shop. Pop by our Johor Trail for the GPS.
Nasi Kandar
(Malay rice 4/5, Kopi 3.5/5, Banana cake 4.5/5)

Splashing time! Did anyone say water babies?

Video : Joker Soaker, where kids always outrun adults at this water playground!

Although this photo is not really sharp, Boon Xin’s expression is priceless, she loves thrills!

Video : Project X screams! Dragon screams

As usual, our Fun photos are all available on our Fanpage album, click here.
GoPro Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Tips :
– do visit Waterpark after 12pm, as some of the crowd would have left (too hot!)
– visit all our Legoland Adventures at this link

* all pictures and videos above from our GoPro Hero 3

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3 thoughts on “GoPro Legoland”

    1. Just in case, Susan. SG’s themepark is quit strict about GoPRo (or any cameras) usage during rides 🙂
      Other than that, our GoPro is following us on our adventures! Bicycles next

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