Holiday Inn Mai Khao Day 3 and 4

In this post, we will share the various activities from our holiday at Holiday Inn Mai Khao.

If you stay at Holiday Inn resorts, you are likely to see these themes repeated.
– Stay Romantic- bathtub, sunsets
– Stay Delectable- food bbq, buffet πŸ™‚
– Stay Relaxed- yoga, swim, Spa
– Stay Connected- free Wifi connection (kids would associated Stay Connected with their PS3!)

We would add “Stay FUN“. There are enough activities in Holiday Inn Phuket Mai Khao to keep us entertained for 4D3N(checkout our Day 1 and Day 2 itineraries)

– Stay Relaxed –
Where should we start? There are so many water places all around us, all FUN!
The lap pools, swimming pools, the Andaman Sea and even our bathtub!

Video : Beach and pool activities (planes spotting too)

Beach play after our breakfast. As the tides roll in, the waves grew stronger. Even swimmers must be careful. When the waves roll back, younger kids can be sucked in!

Sandcastle building would be fun on the soft sand.
Beach waves Phuket Mai Khao

It is definitely safer (but no less Fun) to swim at Holiday Inn Phuket Mai Khao’s infinity pool. Besides water polo and other “scheduled” water activities, kids can choose some unofficial curriculum, such as throwing and picking-up of pebbles underwater.
Family Friendly Phuket hotels

Yoga anyone? We attended an early 8am session. Not exactly soothing for first timers, the stretching can be strenuous and tiring.
Yoga Holiday Inn Phuket

Family bonding with kids, it was pretty unique to be perspiring on the beach. Close our eyes, hear the waves lapping on the beach.

Breath in breath out, Zen, we got to remember to “Stay Relaxed” right?

– Stay Romantic and chill

Pickup a book, laze on the beach, watch the Sunset (Day 2 post).
Phuket day 3 and 48

We saw a beach party under the evening sky and swaying trees, accompanied by live band and sea breeze.
The constant drift of BBQ meat was inviting.

A beach wedding ceremony at Mai Khao beach should be spectacular.
Holiday Inn Mai Khao wedding
(image credit Holiday Inn Phuket Mai Khao website)

Perhaps your definition of Romantic is couple time massage or spa?

Introducing the famous Tea Tree Spa. Rustic building, high ceiling and cooling interior. A cup of ice tea, and we are immediately shielded from the hot sun.

A quiet moment for Mummy and Daddy, away from the occasional kids’ screaming :p
Holiday Inn Phuket Tee Tree Spa

Inside the inner sanctuary, Mummy and Daddy chose the “Back, Head and Shoulder” massage (30min) and Feet massage (30min). The next hour was pure bliss as our masseuse soothes our stress away

Couple time again, our minds were with each other, until Daddy snooze away… (ooops)

Parents would be happy to know that kids can join them in massage session too! We would have invited our kids down, but Tea Tree Spa was fully booked.
Phuket day 3 and 46

We did enroll the kids for a massage session at the huts outside our resort. Kids were giggling away as they got tickled, but they were enjoying their own pampering session too.
Phuket Massage

It can be pretty warm in the afternoon, sleeping can be a form of relaxation too.
Just grab a book and lie down on the hammock or pool couch.
Phuket day 3 and 41

Just chill and relax.
Phuket Mai Khao Holiday Inn review

– Stay Delectable –

Enjoying our American breakfast at Pesto, while soaking in the sights from the vast horizon of Andaman sea.
Phuket day 3 and 4

Yummy traditional and authentic Thai Food from Kin Dee, rated No3 in Mai Khao.
Mai Khao Kin Dee Thai food

We phone-order our lunch and enjoy a sumptuous meal on our balcony. No doubt the experience would be better if we dine at the restaurant.
Recommend Thai food Phuket Mai Khao

Go for the green curry and appetisers like salads, prawn/crab rolls. Their mango sticky rice is especially sweet.
(Kin Dee meal is not sponsored)

For the ultimate experience, the whole family can enroll in a cooking class and whip up some Green Curry, Tom Yam Gong and pineapple salad.

Under the real chef’s guide, adults proceed to dish out three Thai cuisines.
Phuket day 3 and 414

Remembering to have Fun, even when we are preparing meals for our love ones.
Phuket day 3 and 415

Newly minted Thai chefs, our green curry is quite good.
Phuket day 3 and 416

Cute aprons, but the little ones are very serious when it comes to making their own pizzas.
Phuket day 3 and 412

Otherwise, how would you explain Boon Xin rolling the dough with eyes blindfolded?

Their pizza must be delicious, Boon Kang was caught pinching away πŸ™‚
Phuket day 3 and 413

The cooking class was a delightful experience for everyone, especially more memorable when they realised we are making our own lunch.
Phuket day 3 and 418

– Stay FUN –
Over our 4D3N stay, there was always some activities to engage us.

If you are adventurous, run 4km to catch planes landing on Phuket International airport. Although Daddy would not recommend the kids to run along (it is tiring to run on sloping sand!)

You might have spotted the beach when your plane is landing.
Phuket International Airport

Plane spotting real close, as you can feel the planes roar overhead. Do note that the best time to catch inbound planes (flying in from the sea) will be between 7am to 9am. I suspect afternoons will be outbound flights.
planes spotting Phuket

You will notice that Mai Khao beach does not have any sea motor sports like jetski or parasailing. We overheard from staff that it was intentional to keep the beach untarnished.

Outdoor playground (outside Kid’s club) is popular with smaller kids too, but there is minimal shelter.

Even up till the last hour, while waiting for our van, kids still want to pick up billiard.
Phuket day 3 and 417

Princess treatment. Kids are really given VIP access at Kid’s Club. Parents should not be surprised when kids request to stay there from dawn to dusk!
Phuket day 3 and 411

So, what will we miss about Holiday Inn Phuket Mai Khao?

Boon Xin will miss her Princess treatment and friends at Kid’s Club. We felt very safe whenever Boon Xin is in the hands of caretakers at Kid’s club.

I will miss the Chocolate croissants from our breakfast at J’s Cafe.
Sweet, indulging, all holidays should be this good!
Chocolate Croissant

Boys will miss the swimming pools.(Actually they miss the PS3 more, we need to pull them away from their room every day)

Thank you Holiday Inn Phuket Mai Khao for your kind hospitality. Everyone was so friendly to us, and guests were warmly greeted at every corner.

Praew (Marketing) is friendly and accommodating, Maroo (activities manager) is always really to engaged the kids in sports, friendly Ploy (front desk) can speak Mandarin and always smiling while Jack (Pesto) is always attentive and ensures his guests enjoy Pesto’s services.

With your smiles and personalities, you made our holiday much more memorable. Even our kids are impressed, they were happily saying “Sa-wat-dee” with palms clasped whenever someone greeted them πŸ™‚

Everyone needs a relaxing vacation to rejuvenate.
We would not hesitate to recommend Holiday Inn Mai Khao to our friends.

Holiday Inn Phuket

More details about resort can be found on their Website, Fanpage and Instagram.
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