Legoland Star Wars Days promotion

This weekend 03 and 04May, Legoland wish to celebrate Star Wars with visitors.
There are a few ways to enter Legoland for free!

a. Just dress up as a Star Wars character to gain free access! Be it Chewbacca or Princess Leia, C3PO (maybe for kids) or Han Solo, maybe Darth Vader?

** Please read up the T&C and Star Wars activities at this link.

(image credit Legoland Malaysia)

b. Just answer a few quesions on Tourism Malaysia Singapore Office Fanpage.

1. How many States are there in Malaysia?
2. Where is LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort located in Malaysia?
3. Finish the sentence: “I want to go to LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort on LEGO® Star Wars day because…” (not more than 30 words)
Legoland Malaysia free tickets
(Image credit Tourism Malaysia Singapore Office)

c. SengkangBabies have 10 tickets to Legoland too, ending 30th Apr.

Additional information :
Legoland Star Wars activities
Tourism Malaysia Singapore Office

Besides Legoland Star Wars activities, some Star Wars merchandise will also enjoy 20% discounts. May the Force be with you !

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