Out of Office – SengkangBabies out having Fun

SengkangBabies are Out of Office.

We have decided to reward our staff by taking a well deserved break.
Daddy has been hardworking loading photos, Mummy busy scripting the next adventure, and our little actors and actress rehearsing their roles and posing πŸ™‚

By the time you read this blog, we will be sipping White Coffee at some Old town.

Uncle, ζ₯一杯白咖啑 πŸ™‚

ps.. if you need reference for family fun itineraries, you know where to look right?
(hint : click SengkangBabies’ Holidays tab)

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I am a Blogging Daddy of four. Our kids are roaming Singapore to bring you FUN, This blog is use to capture our kids' growing up phases, and we want you to leave our blog with a smile :) View all posts by SengkangBabies

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