Penang Day 1 – Hard Rock hotel and Adventure Zone

Can you imagine Fun is only 2 hour away from Singapore? We are talking about flying and transport from Singapore to Penang, Batu Feringhi. Do pop by our Penang itinerary to discover why we chose HardRock Penang in the first place?

We chose the pool as our first photo, because we had the most fun when we are
wet ! How can Hard Rock Hotel rock you today? The guitars, robes, and red carpet, not to mention the snazzy entrance, makes guests feel like pop icons. Friendly staff always make us feel welcomed 🙂

Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, with Madonna’s bustier. Xin love the artistic guitar.

If in doubt, Fried rice always work for the kids. For adults, HRC’s burgers never disappoint, love the bacon !

Since our checkin time is 3pm, we got two hours to spare. We pop by Golden Sand Resort to visit Adventure Zone. We have heard about AZ’s slides, but nothing prepares you for the drop !

Look at Wei’s face. He is TENSE !

Three type of slides are available for the kids. (Adults can be kids at Adventure zone too)

1) Families can try the gentler slope with rucksack. Even toddlers can join their parents.
2) bigger kids can try the blue slide, crashing into balls.
3) the tallest Red slides are reserved for daredevils, aka bungee-jump kids version !

There are other less Risky games and obstacles, for the smaller kids 🙂

Look at how we train our hamsters haha :p

Smaller slides for Mummy :p

After a while, Wei need to get his andrenalin kick again. He even found a buddy, since Kang refuse to go up anymore. Kang had bumped his head when he went down the blue slide lying down, he failed to heed attendant’s instruction.


See that little gal in pic below? She maybe only a few years older than Wei, but we lost count how many times she and her sister went to the highest summit ! Crazy but Awesome!

Then, the whole family went up with rucksack haha. Yes, we even hide Boon Xin in the rucksack for some sliding thrills. Kudos to her, Xin keep requesting for encores !

We can even challenge each other haha, so proud of Yi who went solo 🙂

Let Wei show you how to play Mother-of-all-slides ! Not for the faint hearted. Kids must listen to instruction, as any slip could prove disastrous !

Adventure Zone’s obstacles will keep our kids perspiring non stop and fit. Parents will be glad to know that Adventure Zone is very clean and well maintained. The only problem will be pulling your kids away at the end of two hours. RM30 for two hours, you must visit Adventure Zone for kids to explore their inner fears :p

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Maybe you thought we had enough slides for one day already? We went back to checkin our room, and kids went crazy over the slide at the porch. We chose Lil’ Rock Suite because Mummy and Daddy both agree this room will be Awesome !

While the kids swing, Daddy and Mummy checkout what is behind our Lil’Rock Suite. Memorabilia icons and posters adorn every wall. Kids quickly pull out all the soft toys and storeybooks from their own bookshelf ! They got their own room and bed too 🙂

The only weird thing is the sliding door-frame between toilet and room. Daddy can understand when spouses want to see each other shower (blush), but what happens when we do our business? Daddy would not want to smell yesterday’s dinner (poo) floats over.

#Rule no1 – this sliding door must be kept shut at all times :p

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Dinner at Long Beach, we hail a cab to our dinner. Long Beach is an all-in-one hawker center, with a wide spread of Penang “delights”.

BBQ chicken wings above, juicy and not unlike Singapore’s version. Daddy would prefer his wings more charred 🙂

We ordered a pancake for the smaller two as we were worried they might not be used to Penang’s dishes. Love the crunchy almond, and kids did not mind the banana and ice cream.

Do take note that most Penangites love spicy food, and we recommend that you exercise restrain and let hawker uncle know “辣椒一點點” (literally little bit of chili).

Fried Oyster omelette. Nothing to should about, but Mummy comment maybe clams too big. Disclaimer : Do not expect Oyster for RM6 !

Wanton noodle is different from Singapore’s. The noddles are tangy and softer, giving a QQ texture. Our Wen Wei loves Penang’s Wanton noodle.

Mummy and Daddy both agree the Hokkien Prawn noodle wins this round ! The gravy is thick with prawn stork, yet we love the assam flavouring. Sweet and sour at the same time.

Food Rating at Long Beach :
8 Chicken wing
8 Hokien prawn noodle (soup)
7.5 Wanton mee
7.5 Pancake
7.0 Oyster Omelette
6.5 Fried rice

After a full dinner, we took a slow walk back to our hotel, cutting through the night market.
Slow = 20min walk 🙂

End of day 1. The kids will remember the slides at Adventure zone for a l.o.n.g time !
Please visit out Itinerary post to see how Daddy and Mummy piggy Boon Xin down the slides !

– Taxi from Hotel Hard Rock to most places (within 10min) in Batu Ferringhi should cost RM10.
– Taxi from Hotel to Gurney and further (Georgetown) will cost RM 30 to RM40.
Penang taxis do not run on meter, you have to agree on the price before the taxi moves.

** Our 4D3N Itinerary
Day 1 – Adventure Zone at Golden Sand Resort, dinner at Long Beach
Day 2 – Swimming and Club house (Lil Rock venture)
Day 3 – Butterfly Farm and Toy Museum
Day 4 – Sight seeing (Second bridge and Penang Sakura)

Do click our Fanpage album for more adventure photos !


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9 thoughts on “Penang Day 1 – Hard Rock hotel and Adventure Zone”

  1. Hi there

    I’m about to take my almost 4 year old and 1 year old to HR hotel as well and was wondering whether you made prior arrangements for airport transfer i.e. larger van with baby seats etc. I’ll be travellling with grandparents as well so 4 adults and 2 kids in total.


    1. hi Jacq,

      our transfer was from the Hotel, but not complimentary.
      It might be difficult to find coaches/transport which come with baby-seats in other countries’ coaches.

      Do take note the bends from Batu Ferringhi to Georgetown is hilly and winding.


  2. Hi,

    Planning a trip to Penang HR too…did you fit everyone all 6 of you into the lil court suite? Did HR check the number of occupants?


  3. Hihi, may I ask if it was easy to hail cabs along the streets to commute from places to places (I understand that the fares don’t run on meters and i presumed your family travelled on taxis). I have been to Penang before but that was ages ago. Thanks.

    1. Hi Maggie, thank you for dropping by our blog.
      Taxis are everywhere, but they choose not to run on meters 🙂

      If small children are not following, you might wish to consider bus too, just for novelty’s sake.
      cheers, Andy

  4. Hi….I am going to HRC Penang on 21 Nov….can I know from the airport if I were to take a cab roughly how much will it cost me? I will be reaching Penang airport at noon after 1pm. Thank u

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