Penang Itinerary

We went to Penang Hard Rock hotel for our Mar holidays.
Hard Rock really makes us feel like pop stars, with memorabilia at every corner. More importantly, the Pool did not disappoint.

We book the family room, Lil’ Rock Suite, because of the spaciousness, but the selling point is the slide and swing. We know the kids will fall head over heels over their personal playground !

Little did we know that we will be pampered with Guitar Hero, Pooh bear, Barney and even outdoor dining :p

Slides, both Dry and Wet kept the kids entertained.
Dry slide at Adventure Zone Golden Sand Resort, is not for the faint hearted ! Video clip below show you how Wei JUMP from 3rd storey !

Video : Crazy slide at Adventure Zone

Fortunately, Wet playground at Hard Rock is themed with Family in mind.

The slides and ice cream (pool bar) kept us occupied during our vacation.

As we are travelling with kids, we could not savour the best food (which are often located at secluded alleys or coffeeshops), but we have more fun exposing the kids to other Penang cuisines. (Oyster omelette, Char Kway Teow, and Chee Choing Fun etc)

However, nothing beats eating in our own comfortable room. We can be messy, suck our fingers, and not be concerned about stares :p
Definitely more economical than to order room-service !

Video : Yummy !

On the third day, we flutter with Butterflies and creepy crawlies, while Toy Museum amuse us with Shrek, BatMan, IronMan and Tomb Raider !

The kids are having a good time !

Little stardom of our own

How can Hard Rock Hotel and Penang Rock you today?
Stay tune for more updates from our trip !


** Our 4D3N Itinerary
Day 1 – Adventure Zone at Golden Sand Resort, dinner at Long Beach
Day 2 – Swimming and Club house (Lil Rock venture)
Day 3 – Butterfly Farm and Toy Museum
Day 4 – Sight seeing (Second bridge and Penang Sakura)

Do click our Fanpage album for more adventure photos !

ps.. if you are wondering what compels us to choose Hard Rock Penang, do drop by these four blogs in our earlier post.

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17 thoughts on “Penang Itinerary”

    1. Yo Ed, this Hotel Rocks ! Will recommend to more families. The only thing is far from George-Town food joints :p
      (Thanks for compliments, I am still struggling with WP’s plugins)

  1. omg penang food! i miss going to penang. seems like you had a great trip. i’m trying to search for hotel Penang, any hotels that you would like to recommend? we’re a family of 4. thanks!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Rum, you can research through TripAdvisor too.
      Normally, you have to decide hotels at Batu Feringhi (seaside activities, maybe fruit farm and butterfly) or Georgetown (99% of the food is here, and sight-seeing).

  2. Love your new banner. I’m also seriously contemplating updating my blog design, feels so outdated since the picture was taken more than a year ago.
    I didn’t even know there is an adventure zone. Looks fun, fun, fun!

  3. Hi saw ur pic in HR hotel…very nice… How big is the lil-Rock Suite?. can fit 3 adults and 2 children?

    1. hi Bong,

      the Lil Rock room was 680 rinngit/night last MAr, comes with b’fast.
      Room comes with King size and 1 single, so I believe it can accommodate 3 adults and 2 kids.

      cheers, Andy

      1. saw their website that there are 1 king size and 2 twin beds in lil rocks. The twin beds are in kids size or adult size?

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