How to convert Instagram video

Are you on Instagram (IG)?
If yes, you might have play with Instagram Video before (not yet?)

Have you ever wonder how to convert that funny Instagram video format (mkv) to another format? Or maybe you wish to share IG video on YouTube or Facebook.
how to convert Instagram video, how to download Instagram video

We are using Download Helper to save our Instagram videos into MP4. Just google for “Download Helper” and your browser-friendly version will pop up.
We are on Firefox Mozilla.

We can now convert IG video to another format in three simple steps !
Instagram video format, free tool to download Instagram video

Video : The Instagram video is now on YouTube. If you have other tools (free) to recommend, please share.

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Instagram video format, free tool to download Instagram video

Download Helper has a useful video conversion tips too.

ps.. Do take note that it might not be legal to download movies\music which does not belong to you

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