Birthday Party at KidsSTOP

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The kids were invited to a “Birthday and Halloween Treats” party at KidsSTOP.

KidsSTOP is situated at Singapore Science Center, and it is an one-stop FUN venue for kids from 18 months to 8 years old. We sometimes find young-at-heart adults trying out the various activities too πŸ™‚

Let us start with KidsSTOP’s Birthday package.
The details and pricing are listed here.

As we are in the Science Center, you should expect Magic Science in their Birthday activities right? While our kids enjoy themselves, they also pick up some Science knowledge. As a parent, we always believe that experimental play is the best way to cultivate kids’ curiosity and attract their attention.

Science related activities to entertain the kids:
– (Top photo) Kids are curious why water flows into a vacuum and extinguish the flame (Vacuum and pressure).
– How come the balloon did not combust when it touches the fickle flame?
(Water in balloon cools the flame)
– (below photo) Why does the liquid stay in the swinging pail? (Centrifugal)

Birthday venue

Spacious Party venue which can accommodate up to 20 kids.

Balloons are always welcome in a Party, and everyone got a chance to let their balloons rush to the ceiling.

Quick no one is seeing, we can blow a few more balloons.

From 27Oct to 02Nov, you can enjoy Halloween treats at KidsSTOP too. We need to top up $5 per person.

Grab a party prop (not necessary pumpkin and devil’s horn), then pose πŸ™‚
First photo above, kids were curious about the skeleton.

Add baking powder to water and vinegar, watch the chemical reaction (Carbon Dioxide) inflate the balloon. To young kids, they thought this is a magical illusion.

Pass a secret invisible message or code to your siblings and your parents will not be any wiser. Heat up the paper to reveal the message.

Tattoos and face painting are always popular with kids

Video : You can catch Boon Xin mixing Witches’ potion or Boon Yee creating static electricity by rubbing balloon over his head. Did you see someone enjoying his Karaoke?

Kids had some free time to cover the other areas around KidsSTOP after their Birthday and Halloween activities. From our previous outing, we have a few recommendations.

Referencing the map :

– Karaoke! (10). You can be a singer, director, producer, play with the lights. Wow!

– Supermarket (5) – kids always enjoy scanning the “barcode” or playing the cashier, but our Boon Yee enjoys keeping the fish, chicken, milk and other groceries

– Flight Space Cockpit (3) – First time visitors must don the cute pilot suit and let kids yank the Boeing down the imaginary runway

– Giant J (15) – from 3 to 7m. Daddy tried dangling from 6m, and it was nerve wrenching

– Dino Pit (20) – Sand. (Enough said)

– Big Dream climber (17), challenge the kids to reach the Musical roof (24).
If adults are stuck halfway, please do not blame us.

– Item 9-13 is hidden behind, and a lot of people miss them. Enter through the fish pond (8) path

(9) Count the chicks before they hatch, we notice the little ones have all grown up.

(10) Simulation – race your red jeep away from T-Rex or Apache!

..or roleplay as a weather forecaster. Rain coat optional.

(1) Singapore is Summer all year long, thus kids might not get to experience Autumn leaves falling or Winter’s bitter cold. They can build sandcastle (cubes) during summer too.

Pilot or Cashier? Kids get to role-play all the adult jobs they fancy.

(21 and 22) Built environment – Kids can scoop the balls up (just like arcade) or you can design a path for the balls to roll down. A lot of hands-on activities require the the kids to think about their game strategy

(16) Toddlers need not worry as there is a “Small world”

Click for more photos from our earlier KidsSTOP outing.

Video : More fun activities captured in our previous visit

School holidays is fast approaching, we strongly recommend kids to pop by KidsSTOP, adults are welcome too :p
You will need minimum three hours to enjoy all the activities, as this is one venue where Kids cannot STOP!

(image credit KidsSTOP)

Do take note of the operation hours :
Weekday Session 1 – 12pm to 3pm
Weekday Session 1 – 4pm to 7pm
Weekend Session 2 – 10am to 2pm
Weekend Session 2 – 3pm to 7pm

Pop by KidsSTOP Website and Fanpage for more updates.

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  1. My youngest 2 kids love kid stop. The party option looks great! I’m sure your kids had a great time with the ‘magic’ πŸ™‚

    Mummy Wee

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