My boys love the cowboy show, Magnificent Seven

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Be it the simmering tension before a gunfight showdown or the duels between good and bad, cowboy show is always packed with excitement.

And no one really wish to dare Denzel Washington to a gunfight.

What makes the show more awesome is a total of seven outlaws trying to upright Justice for a small town.

We caught Magnificent Seven at FilmGarde (Bugis+) yesterday, and this was the boys’ first cowboy show.

They enjoyed the show, the cowboys’ hat, horseback, and the swiftness in which they draw their guns (or sometimes daggers).

Are all cowboy heroes sharpshooters?
Video (link) : Magnificent Seven Sneak peep

But I hope the kids pick up a few teachable moments along the way too.

Righteousness and Justice (ζ­£δΉ‰), do not let people tell you Might is Right.
We need to stand by our principles, and protect the weak.
Fight for our own believes.
As usual, good will always triumph over the evil.

It was a bit crazy for the Magnificant Seven to mobilize the farmers (with pitchforks too!) against seasoned mercenaries. Somehow the seven oddball characters managed to team up and repel the bad guys.

I know my boys (and maybe girl) will play-pretend cowboys when they next grab their nerfguns, will it be Magnificent Four or Five for SengkangBabies πŸ™‚

(L to R, Assassin Billy Rocks, Mexican outlaw Vasquez, sharpshooter Goodnight Robicheaux, bounty hunter Sam Chisolm, gambler Josh Faraday, tracker Jack Horne, and Comanche warrior Red Harvest).

Who is your fave character?
(All images above credit Sony Pictures)

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