Christmas Merry Medley at Flower Dome

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Christmas is around the corner and Merry Medley aims to bring in the festive spirits. Last week, Flower Dome extended its opening hours for us and we literally had Flower Dome all to ourselves 🙂

Before our event, we walked around and were mesmerised by the Violet landscape across Super Tree Grove.
Crowd was gathered to wait for the next “Garden Rhapsody” performance.

I was fascinated with the details at “The Wonders of the World”. Especially Loch Ness, kids were asking whether the monster really exists 🙂

Our event started at 9pm, and the whole Flower Dome was empty! You would know how difficult it is to take a family photo without getting photo-bombed, but we suddenly had so much space to maneuver and kids even did a mannequin challenge with director Uncle Kelvin!

This is the view which greets you when you step into Flower Dome. A Snow globe with a ballerina. Look down and you will see a bigger snow globe, surrounded by Christmas trees and toy towers.

A bigger Snow Globe awaits at the Flower bed.

The lightings inside Flower Dome are glittering, we are ready to celebrate a White Christmas in Singapore
Christmas Merry Medley

Love love love the reflections off Flower Dome’s glass roof, really felt like gazing into the stars and galaxy. So mystical and surreal 🙂

Towers guarded by Nutcracker toy soldiers, I believed they would be just as illuminating in the day. So many folks were queuing to take selfies.

No matter from which angle, you can still get a splendid view.

Complete with angelic figurines too, Christmas is near 🙂

Whether they are playing hide and seek or crafting, everyone had a lot of fun.

Kids had fun diy their own doggy snow globe and mini snow men too 🙂

The theme for this year’s Flower Dome Christmas setup is “Merry Medley”, and campaign will run from 11 Nov to 05 Jan 2017. For the latest updates, head to GBTB website and Facebook. Our Gardens events are all documented here.

In addition, the popular “Christmas Wonderland” will be back for the third year, from 02 Dec to 01 Jan 2017. The Luminarie, Santa’s Cottage, Festive Market, Ice skating and regular snow will be available. To have better crowd control, we understand there will be a ticketed entrance (unlike previous editions). More details available at this link

* Do take note Christmas Wonderland tickets can only be purchased online
** Merry Medley is the event within Flower Dome and Christmas Wonderland around Super Tree Grove, Meadow etc

We would like to thanks Gardens by the Bay organisers for the invitation. It was fun to mingle with fellow blogger friends and families again. Read their “fun” outings here :
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