Chuggington Live!

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We join Wilson, Koko and Brewster as they trained to be Chiefs last week.
With “Chuggington Live! The Great Rescue Adventure”, it was the first time we saw so many of our favourite train characters on stage!

I did remember the kids being more enthusiastic, dancing along, and shouting “Toot Too” last time.
Have they outgrown their Chuggington cartoon and toys already?

Chuggington Live! is a stage performance, trains and crew will sing together, tunes after tunes.
Plenty of train whistles will be injected too, a new musical adventure awaits.

While the trains roll about on stage, the LED screen behind projects another dimension of the stage to audience. You might see a depot, or even trains racing across the green meadows.

Along the track, audience follow the trainess as they underwent 3 rescue scenarios.
Coincidentally, some of the rules can be applied at home too.

Number 1 ruleKeep the track safe
Similarly, we need to keep our own toys after playing, to prevent people from falling over, and to nurture a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Number 2 RuleStop and think ( do not rush)
We always remind the kids to stay Calm and use their brain. Do things with a purpose and an objective.
The worst thing we can do during an emergency is to lose our composure and go into panic mode.

On stage, the trainees learn to repair the track, tow a broken Friend and cleaned some oil spillage.
These are some of the tests which they need to pass.

Speedy Koko had to learn about “Booster off and brake” in order to slow down safely.
His fellow friends guided him to slow down with the correct technique and avoided an accident.

When Koko fell into a pit, his friends had to think of ways to extricate him from the dangerous mine.

From the trainees, we see themes like collaboration, life long learning, and an earnest desire to improve their experience and exposure.
Similarly, I remind the kids that we must not rest on our laurels, and we should always think of ways to improve ourselves, and help the less fortunate.

Chuggington Live! is brought to you by Mediacorp VizPro International Pte Ltd.

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