Daddy appeared on 早安您好 to share his parenting thoughts

Daddy and two other participants were invited to Mediacorp TV8’s morning lifestyle programe, 早安您好. It all started when Daddy was recommended by Audrey to 早安您好’s producer, and he thought it was only a phone interview.

..until Daddy found out he had to appear in Mediacorp studio in two days !
Daddy has to share his parenting thoughts on Dads’ involvement in family, and community events.

Daddy knows how to handle kids, but to show and tell “Live” is a whole new experience all together ! Will his Mandarin be good enough, will his nerves hold?

Fortunately, all went well. The three participants mingled well with each other, and the hosts 琪琪 and 林有懿 guide us along with their questions. Although Daddy was still nervous during the show, “Talking about kids” calm him down.

Watch our TV recording to see how Daddy fare.

We hope Daddy has successfully bring his Daddy-involvement message across, and more Dads will be encourage to bond with their kids and family more.

Personally, Daddy hopes society will finally grant Daddies at least two weeks of paternity leave for every newborn. It is way overdue to acknowledge Dad’s involvement in family building.

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