DisneyLIVE! Meet & Greet session

[ Media Invite ]

We pop by DisneyLive’s meet and greet session at Square 2 earlier.
Mickey and Minnie are offering a sneak peep into their upcoming DisneyLIVE! Mickey’s Music Festival.

Once Mickey and Minnie appear on stage, their universal appeal rocks all the audience (both adults and kids) around the mall.
Mickey Mouse Square2

Minnie so sweet, trying to calm the little girl 🙂

DisneyLIVE! Mickey’s Music Festival will be performing at MBS Mastercard Theatre from 21 Nov to 29th Nov.
Families can expect up to 25 Disney stars (Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Buzz Lightyear etc) to entertain them.
Disney Mickey crew2

Tickets booking is now available at this link.
20151114 Mickey Square21
(Above three images credit Base Entertainment)

Thank to BASE entertainment and Nuffnang for the invitation, we are looking forward to DisneyLIVE! Mickey’s Music Festival too! My favourite Disney character is actually Daisy (photo from Hongkong Disneyland).
Disney Live ticketing

* Do take note last meet and greet session at Square 2 will be 15 Nov 3pm (T&C applies)

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