Doraemon 100 Gadgets Johor City Square Mall

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We are wearing 小叮噹 Doraemon’s “copter” gadget. If only future inventions allows us to fly like 蒲公英 (Dandelion), it would be cool to get a helicopter view!

Doraemon celebrates 100 exhibition has arrived at Malaysia Johor’s City Square Mall, and we were invited to their Christmas party.

Doraemon has been busy touring Asia, we last saw them in Hong Kong. There are enough gadgets here to fascinate all Doraemon Fans, young and old.

Not many of us know that Doraemon was originally yellow, and we now know why he is paranoid of mouse.

So many more gadgets to amaze us. If you spend time to read every gadget introduction, it might take you 2 hours to cover every Doraemon 🙂

Wrap this cloth over anything, and say bye bye to expiry date. We suspect you can grow younger too!

PSLE is no longer scary if Boon Wee consume this bread and memorise everything :p
Doraemon 100

If kids have their way, these gadgets will allow them to getaway from a scolding or discipline. (Left “change mood from tense to happy”, Right “parents will forget why they got angry”)

More gadgets can be found on our Fanpage album.

Good and Bad gadget, some give you three wishes, while others makes you trip! Daddy really admire Doraemon’s creator for being so creative and imaginative.

If we only have one gadget wish, it must be the 竹蜻蜓 Copter (refer first photo).

If you need to sabotage someone, just spray some octopus ink or drink from the Doraemon bottle. We can always trust 大雄 to mess things up :p

Before Jumper, Doraemon’s Door was already bringing you to any place anytime!

Who can forget the drawer and its Time Machine?

We can follow 大雄 and spy on our future spouse, or visit our ancestors 🙂

More cute gadgets, dog and doll.

Shadow helper

Some other famous bullies, including 阿福(牙刷仔) and 大助.

Plenty of prop and background for you to pose away. Let your imagination runs wild.

Daddy say parenting is super tired, and felt asleep in class.

Some of Daddy’s childhood comics extracted onto the wall. He loves the tunnel where you can shrink yourself, then you can drive your own remote car or submarine!

The gang’s favourite playground (pipes), this is also where most of the bullying take place…

Meet the casts, all our favourite Doraemon characters came on stage 🙂

A talented artist (Jyan) painted the Doraemon portrait in a jiffy. Organiser ran a giveaway contest with Doraemon souvenirs and iphones and ipads.

Video: Doraemon exhibition and party

Do not be sad Doraemon, we will meet again.

Daddy was disappointed there was no mention of Doraemon’s super-elastic pouch :p
But for Doraemon Fans out there, do take note the exhibition will end on 04Jan 2015.
( Ticket pricing, RM25 per adult and RM15 per child)

For those who hesitate to drive in, just take bus 170 from Kranji MRT (no need to cross the road) and walk to JB City Square Mall after Malaysia custom.

Do pop by our Fanpage album and Hong Kong trip for more Doraemon gadgets.

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