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Melman (Madagascar) and Toothless (How to train your dragon) greeted us at the foyer, not forgetting the cheeky penguins. We were delighted to be surrounded by all our favourite cartoon characters from DreamWorks Animation exhibition (ArtScience Museum).
20150905 artscience Dreamworks9

If your kids (or even parents) are animation fans, Dreamworks Animation exhibition will showcase how cartoons are produced!
ArtScience school holiday activities

A different type of gallery, some of the exhibits are popping out and interactive, kids can try painting a happy, sad, or angry Po (Panda)!
DreamWorks Animation ArtScience Museum

Interactions and kids’ activities, try flipping your own cartoon book. Boon Xin (6) was eagerly hopping from one station to another, exploring all the hands on activities. Boon Wee (12) was reading what went behind some of the animators’ minds when they were drafting the sequence from (example) Po with Shifu fighting over bun, or Shrek saving the Princess.
20150905 artscience Dreamworks11

Do not miss Dragon Flight
, awesome all-round animation just like Imax. We went soaring over “Land of Berk” on Toothless’ back at least three times! For best effect, lie flat on the bean bags!
20150905 artscience Dreamworks10

Wow, we could not believe the amount of storyboards used to animate a story! Love how the narrator changed his pitch and tone as he read Shrek’s adventure 🙂
animation storyboard

Watch the story unfold, frame by frame (literally!)

A made-belief artistic desk too, with spilled coffee and flying drafts, clips etc.
20150905 artscience Dreamworks7

Love love love all these posters and collages! Some are classic cartoons while others are all-time favourites.
20150905 artscience Dreamworks6

Artistic drawings, some show us how numerous iterations were updated before the character is molded.

20150905 artscience Dreamworks4
20150905 artscience Dreamworks1

Miniature models and landscaping too.
Kungfu panda storyboard
20150905 artscience Dreamworks

Especially for September school holiday, there are four special popup booths.

Younger kids would be able to challenge the popup booths and win themselves some souvenir 🙂
20150905 artscience Dreamworks3

Even I could not resist posing with Po’s bun :p
20150905 artscience Dreamworks2

Click on this link for Dreamworks Animation exhibition details.
We would recommend Life’s Tiny Miracles‘ blog review too 🙂

Four school holiday pop up booths will end this Sunday, 13Sep.
DreamWorks Animation Exhibition will be entertaining us till end Sep.

~~~ Ticket Pricing ~~~
Adult : S$21
Senior Citizen (65 years & above) : S$17
Child (2-12 years) : S$13
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

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