Duck tour and Hippo Ride Christmas

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Quack quack, Darcy is our Duck Tour ride πŸ™‚
Kids still cannot agree whether our Duck ride bus is a boat or bus.

Well, we should be able to distinguish a male from a female Duck (hint: eye lashes).

Last weekend, our Duck Tour took us on a 60 minute amphibious ride.

Safety briefing, no one wish to hear “Abandon Duck” πŸ™‚
duck and Hippo1

Our guide share with us that there are two captains on every Duck Tour, one for land and another for water.

Street view from our lumbering gentle Giant. I used to drive our car behind a Duck Bus so that the kids can admire the Duck bus up close. The huge wheels never cease to attract attention on the road.

Family Fun! View from the Duck bus’s cabin, the cars do appear smaller around us.

Most of the kids enjoy the ride. I hope Boon Yee is enjoying the breeze in his dreams too πŸ™‚
Kids got a cute duck whistle ($3.50) to blow along the route :p
duck and Hippo3

Be it icons on land and waterway, our Duck show us the best of both world πŸ™‚
duck and Hippo2

Hello Merion, Flyer, MBS (gif image)
Ducktour Singapore

Famous icons on land.
duck and Hippo

Around December each year, Duck & Hippo tour will also run a special “HiPPO Light-up Tour”, where families and couples get to enjoy Orchard Road’s glittering Christmas Lightup.

We could not contain our excitement when we witness the “avalanche” at Tanglin Mall. Wow!
Hippo bus Christmas

Orchard Road Lightup. Kids cannot bear to sit down.
Hold on tight as we enjoy our topless ride. So windy!
Orchard Road Lightup

Smiles, Cheers and Jingle down Orchard Road.
duck and Hippo combo
duck and Hippo5

We can hear the buzz and vibes from the busy streets along Orchard road. Buskers, Choirs dot every junction, ringing in the festive cheers.

Love the effects of “speed and dreamy” landscape from the photos.

Video: Duck Tour Splash and Hippo Bus Glitter !

Thank you Duck & Hippo for the invitation πŸ™‚

“HiPPO Light-up Tour” runs two sessions nightly till 24th December at 1930 and 2030.
Go early to book your magical ride as the queues are long.

Do follow Duck & Hippo on their Website and Fanpage. There are more than one ongoing contests πŸ™‚
Call them at +65 6338 6877 for the latest updates and promotion.
duck hippo promotion

More photos have been uploaded on our Fanpage album.

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