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If you are shopping for eggs, you might notice a certain brand Egg Story with a “P”.

P stands for Pasteurized, and we were invited to visit the one and only farm in Singapore with the capability to produce Pasteurized fresh eggs, N&N Agriculture.
Pasteurized eggs Singapore

Daddy admits he is not the chap shopping for eggs at supermarkets. And if you ask him to buy a dozen, he will just tikum (random) pick any brand, price and packaging.
After all, eggs are eggs right?

A farm visit would be perfect to help Daddy understand more about eggs, pasteurized ones. The term “Pasteurized eggs” is new to Daddy too, what is the difference from a normal egg?

During our orientation, N & N shared their Egg Story, and AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority)’s stringent safety regulations. Food contamination can happen when personnel do not practice good hygiene habits (washing hand, separating raw and cooked food etc).

We are impressed by the technology used to pasteurize the eggs, and the different brands of eggs a single farm produces.
N & N Agriculture produces about 400,000 eggs per day. Daddy did some digging and realised Singaporeans love Eggs. We consume over 300 million eggs every year!

Some benefits of Pasteurized Eggs are listed in Egg Story’s brochures. The quality is especially beneficial for more vulnerable individuals, like children, pregnant ladies,
seniors and individuals with lower immunity.

Before we were allowed inside the hi-tech farm, we need to wear our spacesuits (protective gears for bio-security reasons). It is crucial to ensure we do not contaminate the production area.
farm visits protection clothings

We are not allowed to photo the (patented) Pasteurization process, but you can try to imagine the eggs going inside a jacuzzi. The water temperature is precisely controlled over a period of time to ensure accurate pasteurization. The timings and temperature controls are delicate, too hot and the eggs would be cooked, too cold and the Salmonella bacteria and Bird Flu virus will not be effectively killed

We were told that bacteria and virus can be inside or outside an egg shell.
Each egg shell has almost 20 000 pores on the surface (for embryo to breath), and sometimes bacteria can sneak in, if the natural protective layer of an egg is breached.

Bacteria like Salmonella and Bird flu virus are harmful for human consumption. If a mother hen is already infected, her eggs may be contaminated during egg formation in the hen.

After each batch of eggs is pasteurized, they are coated with a layer of food-grade wax. This protects the pasteurized eggs and keeps them fresh too.

So, what is the pasteurization process, and why is it beneficial?
More details available on Egg Story’s FAQ page.
Eggs Pasteurization process

This is the factory floorspace after the pasteurization process, where the eggs are waxed, sorted and packaged.

Factory bloggers workers inspecting N & N’s pasteurized eggs.

N & N’s Pasteurized eggs in the news.

Difference between Pasteurized and normal eggs?
Appearance wise, a Pastuerized egg white would be slightly more cloudy (due to protein structure change during the Pasteurization process), but the eggs are not cooked and their nutritional value and flavour are retained.

Now that we know Pasteurized eggs offer more protection against infection from Salmonella bacteria and Bird Flu virus, how is the taste compared to a normal egg?

Our half-boiled pasteurized Eggs taste exactly the same and the texture similar.
We are happy to note that the price difference is minimal for Pasteurized eggs too.

When Daddy goes eggs shopping next time, he will be looking out for Egg Story pastuerized eggs marked with “P”.

Hint: Pasteurized eggs are available at these supermarket stores, and they are in the chiller section (for freshness).

Our Nutritious and Healthy Pasteurized eggs.

(Image credit N & N Agriculture)

We would like to thanks N & N Agriculture for hosting us, do pop by their website and fanpage to learn more about Pasteurized Eggs, recipes too. Their company motto is “以人为本”.

Fairprice, Cold Storage, Giant and Sheng Siong, are you hiring egg promoters?

Are you ready for more good news? From now till 31st Aug, N & N Agriculture is running a contest. Just watch a video, and 5 winners stand to walk away with $300 supermarket voucher each.

Click the “Sweepstakes” tab at N & N Agriculture Fanpage (do take note link might not work from a mobile phone).

Disclaimer. This is a sponsored post.

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