Every child is our Dearest

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To every parent, every child is our Dearest.
Does not matter whether you have one or four kids, everyone is our Dearest.

Our capacity to LOVE will increase, not divided, when we have more kids.
Of course we will have favoritism, but I will not hesitate to sacrifice for my children.

“Dearest 亲爱的” examines a parent’s worst nightmare.
What happens should our child be kidnapped?

The anguish, the desperation, the struggle to find hope.
Nobody wish to be caught in such a scenario.

We have earlier blog about the dire situation in China, as heartless syndicates kidnapped up to 60,000 child every year!

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In “Dearest”, we follow a couple in Shenzhen (husband and wife has divorced), as they try to stay sane and cope after their only child was kidnapped.

Can you imagine a parent’s helplessness when CCTV replay captured their son and kidnapper boarding at a busy train terminal? The child would be shouting for “Daddy Mummy”, but did anyone noticed anything wrong?

As if the situation is not bad enough, heartless people (没良心) were still trying to con the parent’s reward with false leads. As time passes, their hopes of finding their child diminished, but HOPE is the only thing left.

Without HOPE, their lives would be meaningless. Fortunately, fellow parents whose child has been kidnapped group together to offer moral support to each other.

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Fast forward, the original parents manage to “grab” back their own child after a tip off.
The child has to endure another round of adjustment, and separation from his surrogate Mum and sister.

“Dearest” also try to showcase the story from another angle, the kidnapper’s.

Apparently the kidnapper’s wife did not know about the kidnapping, but the motherly love showered was genuine. Her warmth and care towards the child was real, just like a mother’s.

The Kidnapper’s wife, played by Zhao Wei (赵薇), had to ensure public humiliation and taunts. In everyone’s eyes, she is public enemy No1.

The story focused on her efforts and struggle to be reunited with her children.
Ironic, but sad, she has to suffer the ordeal of having to “surrender” her child.
It was heartbreaking to see the “siblings” forced to live separate lives.

Please stay till the end when credits are rolling.
It captures the poignant moments when cast meet real life parents and “kidnapper”.

The movie is 130 min long, casting maybe 12 months long, but we will never fully understand what it feels to lose a child.

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