Hello Kitty you so Cute!

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Can you imagine Daddy shouting Hello Kitty! Dear Daniel ! Hi Melody !
Yup, a 40 years old man in the front row behaving like Hello Kitty’s No 1 Fan.

The performers with their flowing dress was showing some skin and Daddy was trying his best to enjoy Hello Kitty with the kids, without glancing too much at the performers’ underpants.

(blushing) Yup, Daddy know this sounds so wrong, but has any other Dads face the same issue before?
Hi Melody

Daddy was a tiny bit uncomfortable, but heh that is part of a parent’s job scope.
Some might thought Daddy is thick skin, reference here and here, but it is still a bit unnerving seated in the front row.

Daddy’s buddy, Boon Yee is also feeling a bit awkward at being surrounded by so many little girls heh heh (shy).

From now till 23 Mar, Hello Kitty will perform for you at the following time slots :

Video : Cute performance

As long as kids are happy, Daddy is Happy 🙂
Hello Kitty

Thank You Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel for a fun afternoon 🙂
School holiday activities

ps.. Mummy will be bringing Boon Xin to future girly performances :p

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