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Images of Singapore brochure states “Experience 200 years of Singapore’s History”. We were taken on a tour of Singapore’s discovery and growth from Fishing village to Third world then First world.

Images of Singapore(revamped) is the latest attraction on the Sentosa island.

Live actors and special effects vividly portray Singapore’s history from fishing village to thriving port. The actors make us run and scream (optional) through World War Two and 1965 Independence. As the actors tell a story, it is as if history has pop up infront of you.

Our short history from 1819 to 2015 is presented in 15 themes.

We listen to the early migrants, where our early forefathers sailed from China, India and South East Asia.

Forming their own ethnic and dialect enclaves, vices like opium, gambling and prostitution plagued the coolies (labourers). Most were illiterate, no Internet nor Gmail, a letter-writer helps workers to pen their messages to family back in their home province.

Remember the 红头巾 Samsui woman? These tough women work as hard as the guys at construction sites. Many chose not to marry so that they can have more savings.

Five Foot Way 五腳基, these are the small corridors outside the shop houses. In olden days, kids of all races will gather together to play. Some hawkers will be touting their food or selling their wares. Nostalgic settings.

Alas, good time did not last. Separation from Melaya throws Singapore’s future into the drain. How can a country without hinterland and natural resources survive?

I will not be a spoilsport and cover every section of Images of Singapore.
Ex-Presidents of Singapore Yusho bin Ishak (left) and Benjamin Sheares(Sheares Bridge got it?)

More old school images of Singapore.

Before Shaw GV multiplexes, this mobile cinema kept everyone entertained 🙂

I thought Images of Singapore might be more suitable for Primary school going kids. The younger ones might not understand the story flow. The 15 Immersive zones will take about 40 minutes to cover, allocate more time if you are a history buff.

Images of Singapore is located next to Madame Tussaud. Refer image below, combo pricing for both Images of Singapore and Madame Tussaud are available.
Images of Singapore pricing-001

More details about Images of Singapore can be found on their website.
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