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When Daddy ask Boon Xin whether she would like to attend My Little Pony’s invitation (last weekend), she nodded her head vigorously.

However, when the life size ponies started prancing up and down, Boon Xin ran away! Maybe the Pony at Cineleisure is less cute than those on her cartoon programmes?

Fortunately, her Bro Boon Yee gamely step up and did some poses with his pony 🙂

Daddy just knew that our boys are also Little Pony Fans! He thought all the ponies look alike, but the boys can differentiate between Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle.

Last weekend, you might have noticed My Little Pony’s truck parked infront of Cineleisure. Parents were trying to catch up with their eager kids as they soak up all the “Friendship is Magic” activities 🙂

Boon Yee decided his cupcake is still the best thing at the event haha.

Fortunately, Boon Xin manage to smile near the end. The cupcakes must have done wonders to boost her courage.

And that is how My Little Pony brought us into our September’s school holidays. Wherever we go, Boon Xin insists on wearing her Red and Pink coloured hair 🙂

Thank you Hasbro for the Fun invitation.

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