Sea Aquarium Sea Monsters

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What is the difference between the cute yellow and white creature, and the one below encased in stone?
Living fossils

Both are fossils, one living and the other extinct! If Ichthyosaur is still alive today, it would be able to dive 600m effortlessly!
Sea Aquarium Sea Monsters

At the exhibition area of Sea Aquarium’s latest exhibit, Sea Monsters, visitors can travel back 100 millions of years to witness evolution.

If Boon Yee knew Plesiosaur can swallow its prey in one mouth, he would hesitate to pose so near!
20150815 Sea Aquarium1

We can watch a plesioaur swim again with Augment Reality, download app “SPH AR”.
20150815 Sea Aquarium

At one corner, Nanyang Polytechnic wished to remind us to take care of our environment. Reduce, reuse and recycle!
20150815 Sea Aquarium2

If you are scared of Jaws (Great White shark), meet its grandpa Megalodon. A whopping 30 times bigger than a Great White!
20150815 Sea Aquarium10

Just look at the 19cm tooth!
20150815 Sea Aquarium9

Other giants from the placoderm family, I would not jump into a sea with the 11m monster Placoderm Dunkleosteus! It has beak-like mouth (hard and sharp), just image the painful encounter from a parrot beak (then upsize to Placoderm portion!)
20150815 Sea Aquarium4

Looks like cockroaches! Only much bigger (multiplies the yuck factor)

A poster depicting the timeline of Sea monsters. Different eras of sea monsters!
20150815 Sea Aquarium3

Not all dinosaurs and sea monsters are extinct. Some descendants are among us today. Alligator Gar can grow up to 2.5m long! Coelacanth was thought extinct 80million years ago but can still be found today.
20150815 Sea Aquarium8

The beautiful arowana also has a long history, we spotted a cute hermit crab with a glass roof.
20150815 Sea Aquarium7

Mudskippers can be spotted at swarms, and I have not seen a live Horse shoe crab moving around before. Its legs are like little forks.
20150815 Sea Aquarium6

If you are a fan of dinosaur (or Jurassic World), Sea Monsters will be “swimming” till 30Sep.
20150815 Sea Aquarium5

The friendly class95 DJs. We won a pair of annual tickets in a contest yeah!

We spend the rest of the hour revisiting the other exhibits at Sea Aquarium.
These are not living fossils, but as mesmerizing 🙂
20150815 Sea Aquarium12
20150815 Sea Aquarium11

Touch pool, long queue to touch the resident star fish.
20150815 Sea Aquarium13

Magnifying glass

Spotted local Icons, Chili Crab, and SG50 🙂
20150815 Sea Aquarium14

Thank you RWS for the informative and Fun invite. Get the latest update from RWS (Resorts World Sentosa) on their Website and Facebook.

Sea Monsters exhibition will end on 30Sep. Click to review our previous Sea Aquarium experience (manta ray feeding).

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