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We pop by Smart Kids Asia last week. The organiser mentioned it is the World’s largest educational kids’ fair. The event is split into three general themes “Smart Edu”, “Smart Health” and “Smart Family”. Click for more info.

Held at Expo Hall 5, from enrichment to sports, we dabble in everything, just for Fun 🙂
Kids can enrol in all sorts of classes and activities, just to see which one they prefer.

Boating, rock climbing, bouncing castle and even cross-country biking. The amount of activities is dazzling.

Our kids are crazy about balls, be it soccer or basketball, or even Zorb !

Wei and Yi partnering each other to bang into the other “zorb” ball ! It was fun for us to cheer from the side too.

Video : Zorb ball fun.

Among the Fun and Enrichment classes, KindsVille reminded kids to be courteous and gracious.

The exhibitors are so generous, keep on stuffing freebies or food to our kids.

We learn how to eliminate dengue threat too, through some cool CGI shooting. A happy and healthy family, always start from our own home.

The coolest thing about kids-events must be the roaming characters. We had fun posing with them 🙂 Too bad we miss Garfield, Dora, Mutant Ninjas and SpongeBob, which only occur on Sat and Sun.

Sports council taught us how to improve our motor-skills, correctly. How do we walk, bend, throw, the Basics.

Then we upgrade to some slick Gymnasts twist and turn wow. Daddy did not know our kids are such fast learners !

The finale for us must be dancing with Mr Skippy. Yi and Xin enjoy their little dance routines 🙂

Daddy and Mummy could not cover all the booths, but we like the way SmartKidsAsia brings every one under one roof. It is really a one-stop hub for everything which child needs 🙂

We would like to thanks the management of SmartKidsAsia for the tour. For more details and photos, pop by :
–> SengkangBabies album

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