Spooky SEAs at Sea Aquarium

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Spooky SEAs is brewing under the oceans at SEA Aquarium.

SEA Aquarium has always been a favourite haunt and we know the usual suspects.
I am referring to the sharks and rays, not the kids.
Sea Aquarium Halloween export3

The urchins and the moray eels, we wonder why the urchins never prick the fish?
Sea Aquarium Halloween export2

Cute Axolotl, read about their pre-historic background here Sea Monsters.
The black one resembles toothless!
Sea Aquarium Halloween export

Told Boon Kang whaleshark is not a whale but a shark. Although it can reach 10m and weighs 20 tonnes easily, this gentle shark is harmless. I invited Boon Kang to snorkel with whalesharks if opportunity arises.

Big fish tank (Open Ocean), watching the Mantas or grouper glides across, we sometimes wonder whether this inhabitants are eyeballing us humans. Time passed easily when we are seated infront of the Ocean.

Sea Aquarium Halloween export4
Sea Aquarium Halloween export5-001

SEA Aquarium added some skeletons to remind us that Halloween is around the corner.
Some bones are in fish tanks, others around dining table.
Sea Aquarium Halloween export12

Spooky SEAs pirates and “witches”. Not scary, cause all of them so friendly 🙂
Sea Aquarium Halloween export1

A lot of activities to entertain the kids, puzzles, treasure hunts, and of course the promised loot of “sweets and kit-kats”. Who is afraid of skeletons 🙂
Sea Aquarium Halloween export10
Sea Aquarium spooky sea
Sea Aquarium Halloween export9
Sea Aquarium Halloween export8

We see tombs and pumkins at strategic spots too.
Sea Aquarium Halloween export6
Sea Aquarium Halloween export7

Kids have not seen so many pumpkins in one place before. Even the resident stingray seems to be fighting over pumpkin possession.
Sea Aquarium Halloween

Divers performing pumpkin artwork.

Spotted a cute vampire stingray, it is not scary at all.
Spooky SEAs

Good news for SEA Aquarium Fans!

1) From now till 31st Oct, win a staycation at Hard Rock Hotel, join “Spooky Seas Photo” Contest.

In summary :
Step 1: Hunt for skeletons at S.E.A. Aquarium
Step 2: Take 3 photos of the skeletons including one selfie
Step 3: All 3 photos are to be submitted to digital@rwsentosa.com, together with:

(i) Full Name
(ii) Identity Card or Passport Number
(iii) Contact Number

RWS SEA Aquarium spooky SEA

2) Thanks to SEA Aquarium, we have three pairs of tickets to giveaway.

1. Contest is on our Fanpage and Blog, but you can leave your comment on either platform
2. Fans must first LIKE SengkangBabies and Resorts World at Sentosa Fanpage.
3. Do indicate who you would like to bring along to SEA Aquarium and why.
4. Leave your name and email on our Fanpage (or you can message email address to us)
SEA Aquarium contest

5. Share this page (refer step 4) on your Facebook Wall and tag @SengkangBabiesBlog
(so that we know you are participating)

6. If you are leaving comments on our blog, no additional step is needed.
*7. If you leave comments (can be identical comments) on both Blog and Fanpage, you will get one extra chance. (Do highlight to me)

8. Contest ends 16 Oct 10pm, and three winners will be randomly picked

Additional T&C:
– Winners who fail to respond within 48hours will be disqualified
– This contest is only opened to Singaporeans and PR

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Our SEA Aquarium experiences are listed on this link, and photos are uploaded on our Fanpage album.
Spooky SEAs runs until 15th Nov.

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14 thoughts on “Spooky SEAs at Sea Aquarium”

  1. Hope to win. I would like to bring my gals to SEA Aquarium. I’m sure both of them will love it. In the same time both of them can know more about different types of fishes and their habitats.
    FB: KaRen Ong
    Email: karen_opk@yahoo.com

  2. I wanna bring my family of sea animal lovers to see the beautiful sea animals and learn more about them! Name: Mag Yeow (commented on FB too!).

  3. FB Name : Vincent Lee Wee Ping
    email wlee76@hotmail.com

    I am a diver and a certified instructor trainer but my wife don’t like the sun and don’t want to go diving with. i want to introduce her to the beautiful underwater world and get her interested so next time the whole family can go diving together.

    i would like to bring my wife and 4 month old baby with me if i win

    commented on FB also

  4. My Kiddos love going to the aquarium! Will love to bring my kids there to look at the marine life instead of just looking at books and Tv!

    Comment left at FB too!
    FB: Joanna tan

  5. Wanna bring my Hubbie & 2 gals ( 5 years & 1 year ) to personally experience the ” Spooky ” Sea Aquarium . I’m pretty sure my girls will be mega thrilled to see many fishes as we’ve never been to Sea Aquarium though . Hope to have this golden opportunity !

    Name : Alice Tan
    Email address : alice_twj@hotmail.com

    * Commented on both Fanpage & Blog

  6. We went only once to SEA aquarium; my son got lost and we couldnt locate him for a long time. Sad to say, it was not the happiest outing we had. Hope to win this to enjoy SEA aquarium properly all over again! Left same comment at fb post!

  7. I would love to bring my kids to SEA Aquarium to explore and admire the ocean and also to introduce what is Halloween all about. Kill two birds with one stone and I am sure we will be loaded with lots of interesting why why why and the kids sure gonna have lots of fun.
    (I have commented on Facebook’s post too)


  8. I will love to bring to my 27 month old son to SEA aquarium. He’s very into watching the small fishes at his grandparents’ place and I know he’s gonna love seeing all the different sea creatures and bigger fishes!
    Name: Kaelyn Ang

    (Left comment on your FB page too)

  9. Would love to take my marine creature-loving boys to the SEA Aquarium as they enjoyed their last visit a couple of years back very much. Posted on blog and FB.

  10. We wanna bring our kids to S.E.A. Aquarium to participate in the quest for the hidden treasure. Our family has never watched pumpkin-carving done underwater and looks forward to this marvellous performance too!

    Also commented in your Facebook post.

    Oscar Chee
    (Sent you my email address via Facebook’s PM.)

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