Top 5 Kidzania Singapore jobs

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What are the top 5 Kidzania Singapore jobs?
The choices are very subjective, as some might prefer sports, doctors, rides or even sports-themed careers. Most jobs were interesting (and adorable), and it is quite impossible to list the Top 5.

I would not hesitate to recommend Food-related careers (imagine junior masterchefs diy their own meals), kids look adorable in aprons and the food taste nice too πŸ™‚

We had been to Kidzania Kuala Lumpur (KL) and also Taipei Baby Boss. Each experience is difference, and always memorable. Kidzania Singapore was another Fun experience for us (yes parents too).
kidzania Singapore

Kidzania experience in short, for first timers.
– Kids go to work, get paid and they can choose to pay for food or souvenirs. Parents just accompany and take tons of photos and videos πŸ™‚

More tips to improve your Kidzania Singapore experience

1) Identify the must-do and nice-to-do jobs (Browse “Kids Activities” under Kidzania website)
2) You might complete between 8 to 10 jobs per day (estimate around 30 minutes per job, not including queuing time)

3) Read the “Insurance Office” Job description below
Capacity – maximum number of kids (kids queue up before the next session)
Duration – 25 minutes to complete job (if you are sending kids to multiple jobs, remember the end timing to pickup kids)
Age Suggested
Economy – Positive means you earn (ie Income), example 4 KidZos. Negative means you are paying for service (food, education, insurance etc), our example indicates -3 KidZos


4) Adults homework, master the common Kidzania lingo to impress the little ones (Kool!).
Kai – Hello
KidZos – Money
Zanks – Thanks
Z-U – See You

You know kids love their Kidzania experience when they use “Kai” at home.

5) Related to point 1, orientate the maps (First and second floor below). Plan your job itinerary route.
If lost, ask the friendly Kidzania staffs :p
Kidzania Singapore map

You will not have time to “navigate or plan” the jobs once you reach Kidzania.
Kids will be pulling you in all directions!

Second floor house Qatar pilots and air crew. Queues of up to 45 minutes or 1 hour is very common.
Second floor

The smaller siblings will usually follow the older ones.
Nothing is more satisfying for me, than to hear my kids tell me they wish to chart their own “career paths”.

6) Take note some jobs have pre-requisites. Example climbing needs Insurance coverage, driving needs Optical check, Soccer player needs to register as Trainees first (25 mintes). This additional steps are reflective of real-life scenarios, but a bit inconvenient to “detour”.
(I would prefer Kidzania to keep it simple, remove the pre-requisites)

7) Finally, choose Maybank debit card for the kids. All cash transactions will be electronic and easy.
Kids need not stuff their money all over their pockets.

Let us get started, HAVE FUN!

At the “airport terminal counter”, are you ready to checkin and depart for your destination of Fun.
kidzania Singapore age limit

The first thing to do at Kidzania is to open an account and get your Debit card πŸ™‚
After registration, we get 20 Kidzos, open a Maybank account and top another 30 Kidzos in your Debit card.

Every child will start with 50 kidzos.
kidzania maybank

Financial industry might have the best paying job, shortest working hours, highest pay cheque.

F&B career, always Fun and satisfying. Pick from KFC, Candy, Ice Cream, Pizza or Soup.
kidzania F&B career

Bak Kwa from ζž—εΏ—ζΊ too! (pity it is not real deal hee hee)
kidzania Singapore bak kwa

Some of the other corners which we did not have time to explore. Kidzania is spacious and you will see kids dashing excitedly from one corner to another. Moms and Dads will be chasing behind with cameras πŸ™‚
20160412 kidzania Singapore exported25
20160412 kidzania Singapore exported24

Doctors and nurses anyone? Mount Elizabeth brings a few medical professions to Kidzania (Paramedic, Surgeon, Baby Expert, Radiologist) .Kids always look cute in gowns (our Mount E experience).

I hinted to Boon Xin CT scan is less fun than babies.
kidzania Singapore doctor

Kids undergoing Paramedic crash course at A&E, the highlight would be the ride in their ambulance.
Kidzania ambulance

..or treating an injured pedestrian. I hope Kidzania compensate Uncle David for his realistic portrayal πŸ™‚
20160412 kidzania Singapore exported20

DJ you rock! Kiss92 Radio Station was the surprise package for us. DJs can groove and dance in the studio, looks cool in their jacket. They can do some broadcasting into the mic too πŸ™‚
Kidzania DJ Kiss92

Police matters, your friendly neighbourhood police post.
kidzania police

Nope, no one was caught and impounded. Rather, kids quickly “volunteer” to break into the jail :p
Top 5 jobs at Kidzania Singapore

Firefighters (SCDF) and Police work hand in hand to put out the fire. Kids can spray real water! I am not sure which real-life job pays you to take fun ride, wear costumes, spray water and put out fire.

Fireman rocks, thank you SCDF!
Kidzania Singapore fire engine

Sporty kids will find the Stadium (soccer pitch) irresistible.
Wear your “jersey”, pretend you are Liverpool or Barcelona, and playoff another team.
Pitch size is about the same for futsal, but kids can really dribble and take penalty shots (poor Goalie, who is Kidzania staff :p )
kidzania Singapore stadium

Do take note you need to signup as rookie (trainee for 5 Kidzos), before you are able to play in the professional league. Total time is around 50 minutes. Besides soccer, we saw job openings for cheerleaders too πŸ™‚
kidzania Singapore soccer

Delivery (KZ Express), this lady courier does not know how to topo (navigate) yet haha. During internship she kept nodding her head, come out blur :p

But Boon Xin did noticed postmaster has issued her two identical parcels to same customer.
Choose either delivery jobs (Vault or Courier) for some Fun trolley experience.

Courier gal is so adorable, I will not scold her even if she is late.
Cute kidzania jobs

Delivering gold bars? (Vault)
20160412 kidzania Singapore exported7

Cosplay at Perenakan or Cowabunga(Ninja turtles) at Acting academy πŸ™‚
20160412 kidzania Singapore exported11

Besides the popular Ambulance and Fire Engine, car lovers can go around in WTS’ truck too. Be a Kidzania Tourist.
The other driving activity is “Driving School”, take up a driving license and ride around a small circuit (With petrol station). Driving in Singapore (just like COE) is not cheap :p
20160412 kidzania Singapore exported10

Nanyang optical, Xin seems keen to wear specs Oh No!
20160412 kidzania Singapore exported9

Anyone need to scrub your windows? Fortunately, kids need not take jack lift to clean higher floor window panels. No excuse for them not to help out at home anymore.
Kidzania Singapore jobs
20160412 kidzania Singapore exported6

Overcome your fear of height and go rock (building) climbing. Harness on, helmet on, remember to buy your travel insurance first haha. Aim for the roof.
kidzania Singapore rock climbing

Shopping time, retail therapy after working so hard. Time to reward kids for their hard work.
how to use kidzos

Ticket pricing. To get your money’s worth, stay the maximum 5 or 8 hours. It is going to be a tiring day, well no one say working is easy :p
Kidzania Singapore Tickets

Checkout at immigration counter, we are all foreigners (and visitors) in the city of Kidzania haha. As part of Kidzania’s safety assurance, kids can only check-out when their “bracelet” matches that of their parent or guardian.
kidzania safety

Kids will not be able to finish all the jobs in one or two days, there is a lot of return opportunities for Kidzania.

Daddy can I do this, Mommy can I cook that?
You will see a lot of happy kids and their questions.
Parents are all smiling silly at the cute kiddos πŸ™‚

Yes kids. Yes yes yes, as long as you like it, you can take up any career.

Preparing for your visit :

* Although most jobs are suitable for kids 4 and above, take note parents cannot accompany them inside the “office/factory/kitchen” etc. Some kids might be uncomfortable (separation anxiety) once the door is closed. Reassure them that Mummy/Daddy can see them through the window.

Opening hours and Ticket prices : (we are curious why Kidzania need to charge $35 for adults entry?)
kidzania singapore ticket prices
(Screenshot above credit Kidzania)

– Buy your tickets online, as there are limited slots per day (Maybank customers enjoy 10% discount)
– 8 hours not enough , parents will be very tired at the end of day, kids are fueled by adrenaline
– I have counted 53 jobs from the maps, more excuses for you to return another day
– Please bring extra battery, memory card and powerbank

– My own personal view. Between a popular job which requires 60 minutes queue, kids might be able to squeeze in another two careers ( with shorter queues)

– Parents cannot go into kids’ office, you can only take photos from outside window panes.
– Do not queue up on kids behalf, you will get death stares!
20160412 kidzania Singapore exported26

– We can keep the kidzos for another visit (overseas Kidzania too)
– Check balance

– Those with multiple kids, might allow kids to hunt for their own jobs, pick them up when they knockoff. I was the only parent running around after the kids, not easy and super tiring πŸ™‚

– In case kids are lost, meetup at a pre-defined venue. Example meet at Maybank, and Daddy will come and pick you up.

– Nearest carpark is at Beach carpark
– GPS 1.251452, 103.820412

Wishlist :
– Why no Annual pass?
– Perhaps, indicate timing of next job (so parents can plan their itinerary better )

Follow Kidzania on their website and Fanpage for the latest updates.

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Kidania Singapore photos

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  1. Totally agree with you that different places leaves different experience and memory. We have been to KL Kidzania too! Even adults love it. Is a good exposure for the kids even though in real life, work life is not this fun. My kids have been pestering me to SG Kidzania. Will be bringing them this June holiday πŸ˜‰
    Lup Wai recently posted…How to help your child deal with sadness and bullyMy Profile

  2. Wah I didn’t realise the soccer pitch takes so many hours. It’s like going Kidzania and spend the whole time there for soccer only! I like the airline one best *hehe*
    May recently posted…How I Met Your FatherMy Profile

  3. My boy would like to role play as pilot, pizza Chef and also ice cream maker. Haha all his Favourite πŸ™‚

    Hope to have the chance to bring him there and try it out!!

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway πŸ™‚

    Fb: Theresa Tay
    IG: @ahger82

  4. Very detailed write up and informative! My son is also looking forward to go. Thanks for the giveaway. πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

    My boy would love to role play as an airline pilot and my girl would really love to try being a deejay at her favourite radio station. Either way, we would love to get the chance to explore kidzania during the June holidays!

    FB: Evelyn Hu

  6. the blog post is informative and allow us parents to plan in advance so that we can make utilise the visit to the fullest (especially when fees are not cheap and even adults got to pay!).

  7. My elder boy’s dream is to be a pilot. Thanks to KidZania Singapore , his dreams come true there. Due to time constraints, we didn’t manage to cover all, hope he has a chance to go back again for other role play!

  8. FB Name : Michelle Ng
    Ig : sunbubble
    Dream job for my girls: Cabin crew

    Hope to bring my girls to try out their DREAM JOB and the other careers. Thanks!

  9. My youngest child would love to be a Pilot! We went on last Sunday and had a great time at Kidzania Singapore but due to the long queue, my child does not have the chance to participate in the pilot activity. Hope to win this awesome giveaway so that we can visit again!

  10. Hope to have chance to win for my 5yrs old daughter ∩__∩

    FB Name: Mandy Chee Lay Yong
    IG : @mandy_chee
    Dream job for my girls : Police office (her favourite show is every Sunday night ‘Crime watch’, never miss!)

  11. Thank you for your review of KidZania, very informative! Hope we are the lucky one chosen by you so we can go to KidZania to have some real fun πŸ™‚

    My boy said he would love to be a Chef so I guess he would be keen on the F&B career.

    FB Name : Evette Looi
    IG @evettelooi
    Email :

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