uFamily MegaDance and Tickets giveaway for UltimatePlay

As the evening crepts in, and with Gangdam style rocking in the background, Daddy imagine Sengkangbabies sashay and boogie the evening away, with or without “Sexy Lady”.

We were at uFamily’s MegaDance event.

MegaDance was held at Resort World Hardrock Hotel’s Coliseum.

However, when the light dims, our kids stood still. They stare at the stage, and it was quite awkward when the kids refuse to boogie. Shy?

Fortunately, we met some buddies (Hello CheekieMonkies), and everyone starts to warm up to the music.

Video : We got some professional dancers to guide us, but Daddy thought he was auditioning for kPop! Dude, can you show us some less slick HI5 dance moves 🙂

It would be nice if we had some simple action for the kids, or maybe they can play train or snake in one long line (just like the 80’s tea parties). Some parents (yours truly) were anxiously watching the kids with eagle eyes, in case some decide to wander off.

Although this is not Saturday night dance, we still enjoy ourselves. With buddies and bubbles, that’s how we boogie our evening away 🙂 Some kids decided to climb the stage and enjoy their limelight moment.

We end the evening with supper at Pasir Panjang. Daddy wanted to reward the kids for being so hardworking. Nevermind the kids cannot dance, Daddy sucks at boogie too :p

Since joining the uFamily community as a Blog Champion, we have participated in a lot of family events. We had picnic at Marina Barrage, the recent MegaDance and there will be one more event before the year ends.

On 15th Dec 5 to 8pm, you are invited to Ultimate Play at The Lawn @ Marina Bay.

Photo credit : uFamily

Programme Highlights:

– Zumba Warm-up
– Frisbee Workshops
– Ultimate Family Fun Frisbee Competition*
– Fringe Activities
– Sure-Win Prizes at the Strike-and-Win Booth*

– NTUC Member – $15 per family
– Public – $30 per family

You can buy the tickets here.
*Each ticket admits a family of 5 persons e.g. 2 adults and 3 children.

We got two tickets to giveaway for Ultimate Play. Participants just need to:
1. Sign-up for U Family membership (http://bit.ly/UfBlog) if they have not done so.
2. Like SengkangBabies fanpage, and on our Fanpage, list one activity happening at Ultimate Play.
3. Contest ends on 06 Dec 11pm, and two winners will be randomly picked.

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You can gather more updates about U Family events at :
–> http://www.ufamily.org.sg
–> http://www.facebook.com/NTUCUFamily

U Family is a community that advocates the building of strong and happy families by championing work-life integration for working families.
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