Coney Island Punggol

We packed our bikes and scooters to Coney Island last Sunday. Not the one at New York but the little island off Punggol.
coney Island Punggol

Those living in the North East had been eagerly waiting for Coney Island (also known as Serangoon Island) to open its gate.

New habitat for us to explore, we were eager to find the cow (or bull) and wild boars πŸ™‚
20151011 Coney Island6

Families young and old were spotted over the weekend. Bikes, scooters, pets and joggers,
everyone wanted a piece of the rustic Coney Island.

Video (Link) : We love the cycling paths and slopes!

The gravel paths, flank by thick vegetation and rows of casuarina trees, are as natural as it can get.
How to go to Coney Island

50 Ha is neither too small nor too big, end to end is about 2km plus.
Let the kids do their own navigation, chart their own “paths” and Fun πŸ™‚

With so many road signs, it is hard to lose your way. It might be a learning experience to empower the little ones with a sense of mission (and topo skills).

Great outdoors to explore, especially since the haze has subsided πŸ™‚
The kids were happy throwing stones into the sea, or chasing pretty orange butterflies.
Punggol Coney Island with family
20151011 Coney Island5

Whenever we are tired, just find a shady spot to rest. The casuarina trees provided good shelter from the sun.
Coney Island attractions

Multiple tracks criss-cross the island, should be Fun to run from one end to the other.
20151011 Coney Island10

Be it couple or family, there is something for everyone on Coney Island.
Peace, nature, exploration or beaches.
20151011 Coney Island8

Five beaches on the island, in case the kids need to cool down after some hot and tiring hiking.
20151011 Coney Island3

How about BMX obstacle course? Since we did not see any bikes around, kids treated themselves to some hurdles.
20151011 Coney Island

For those who wish to spot birds, you can watch them from a secluded hut.
20151011 Coney Island4

Kids were happy to cycle and scout the area infront of us, freedom to explore new territory.
20151011 Coney Island2

Casuarina seeds everywhere. The fallen casuarina trees are recycled as benches, road signs etc.
20151011 Coney Island9

Kids got a quick lesson on sustainability.
Solar energy powers the island’s lights and rainwater is harvested for flushing the toilets.
20151011 Coney Island1

We will be back to explore the mangrove and intertidal boardwalk area.
When we hear intertidal, we assumed it has to be low tide, mangroves, mud-skippers and fiddler crabs. (we love our intertidal experience at Sisters Island, Pulau Semakau, Sungei Buloh and Chek Jawa)

Tips :
More details can be found on Nparks website. Do read our friends reviews too πŸ™‚
– Hong Peng’s wildboar!

1) Do expect mosquitoes and even sand flies (sandy patches) on the island.
Protect the little ones with insect repellents. More about sand flies from Wildshore article. Do not scratch!

2) It can be pretty hot too, do bring enough water, otherwise the nearest waterhole might be 7-11 back at Punggol Settlement. We did not check whether there are water coolers at the toilets.

3) Opening hours is 7am to 7pm, I am not sure whether anyone can be accidentally locked overnight πŸ™‚

4) If you love nature, it might take your family a leisurely two hours to explore the corners.
Perhaps add another 30 minutes for a picnic by the coast.

5) Pick up your own litter and let us keep Coney Island clean.

6) Respect the flora and fauna, wildlife, monkeys, cow, otters and wildboars. Admire them from a distance, no feeding and milking ( Npark’s Cow advisory wahaha!)

7) We can take bus 84 from Punggol Interchange to Punggol End too.

8) The nearest carpark might be at Punggol Settlement (end of Punggol Road). Those who wish to cycle can follow the scenic park connector from Anchorvale Swimming Complex (Sengkang) all the way to Punggol’s Coney Island (about 7 km).
20151011 Coney Island7

9) East entrance via Lorong Halus –> drive straight towards Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6
(Rough GPS is 1.39699 103.93105)

Map below, 1) Lorong Halus wetland, 2) where we park our car, and walk 10 minutes to 3) East Entrance.
Punggol Coney Island GPS

Follow this path, pass Serangoon Dam (white structure) and you will see Coney Island entrance.
Coney Island East Entrance

You can cycle from 1) Lorong Halus dirt track to 3) East Entrance too. Take note there is no carpark at Lorong Halus, cars were park at the side. If you cycling in from Lorong Halus road, be careful of heavy vehicles.
How to go Coney Island East Entrance

I would recommend West entrance for easier access. There might be a track from Pasir Ris Farm area to Coney Island too.

* More photos have been uploaded on our Fanpage album.

** Coney Island will have an Outward Bound School to cater to more outdoor activities

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