FFL monthly picnic Punggol

Last Sat evening, we headed down to Punggol Waterway for Families For Life (FFL) picnic. These picnics are part of the FFL Celebrations, and are hosted at different parks every last Saturday of the month. More details here.

As part of SG50 celebrations, there will be 5 extra picnics in August!
We attended a picnic at Istana back in January.
FFL picnic Punggol

After settling down, kids help to identify the goodies.

Free rides on bikes and scooters, they were happy to help us redeem the goodies. Milo, Kacang Putih and ice-pack (Hokkien sen1 bao1)
20150627 picnic FFl

We even got a useful picnic bag to store all our goodies.
FFL picnic location

We are near to Paya Lebar airbase, one by one the SG50 formations flew back to their base. Otherwise kids will be busy with skateboard and soccer.
20150627 picnic FFl3

One relaxing afternoon, “Family Time, Precious Time”.

We heard there will be more picnics over the jubilee weekends πŸ™‚
More details should be available soon at FFL website –> http://www.familiesforlife.sg

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