Navy Open house photos

Last sat, Daddy brought two boys to Navy Open House. Although we arrive at Expo 0800, there was already a long queue infront of us !

The boys have insisted ask Daddy to bring them to catch some Archer and Chinook after the earlier media preview for bloggers.

Daddy knew it would be tough to ballot for a cruise on one of the battleships, so we headed for the the Navy’s Endurance class platform. Imagine swimming three laps of 50m and you get an idea of the Singapore Navy’s largest vessel. A Chinook can even land on the 141m vessel’s helipad!

Endurance weighs 6500 ton, but needs only a crew of 65, this is only possible with a hugh amount of automation.

Nice view from the cabin!

Did you know that Endurance (207) was the first LST (Landing Ship Tank) to reach Meulaboh after the 2004 earthquake Tsunami? SengkangBabies are extremely proud of 207’s dedication !

On every vessel which we inspected, we always found loving “family” photos. From weddings to newborns, to holidays port-calls, we see how Navy family celebrate everything together.

More importantly, the Navy family donated money, blood and provided moral support when their comrade Mr Jason Chee was seriously hurt. Kudos to the Navy !

Back to serious business. We simulated a intruder-alert in the war room, and very soon, Boon Wee dispatch a Seahawk to dip the sonar. (the 0930 Dynamic display audience did not know about SengkangBabies’ involvement :p )

R&R time, how do Navy personal spend their free time on board? Watch TV, surf internet, or sleep? Kids ask where is the buffet counter, hello this is Endurance, not Star Cruise :p

Daddy show the boys something which Star Cruise does not have. FCU (Fast Craft utility) rides !

Must watch Video : This FCU ride is our best experience !

This is our 2nd FCU experience, the 1st one was during 2012’s Army Open House πŸ™‚

After we disembark from the LST, we head to the Family tent for more Fun.

More cute standees for Boon Kang.

From all the ships, you will not miss the steep and narrow stairways ! In rough weather, non-seaman would struggle to stand still without swaying, imagine how our Navy friends descend the flight of stairway !

Another observation, fire extinguishers and suppression system are everywhere. When a fire breakout on a vessel, it must be contained, period. On land, people can run from a building, but how do you ditch a vessel? The passageway is narrow, stairs are steep. In an emergency, everyone is a fireman.

There are six submarines in 171 Squadron. One of the challengers decided to get a suntan. From the modeling kits, we realised the Archer family is longer than the Challenger.

We say Ahoy to Intrepid again, we met her at Vivocity earlier in Apr. This time round, we got to board the Frigate.

Seeing the pots of aster in-front of us, Boon Kang got an itch to arm and discharge a few salvos ! Daddy told him to sign on Navy in 10 years.

Click for more details about Frigate’s armament.

(credit image Aster launch)

On land, queues have formed at every exhibit πŸ™‚

Note to Open house coordinators, please do not let Mao Shan Wang be the exclusive ice cream again. Kids want the normal cornetto ice cream, and besides, not all foreigners appreciate the pungent fruit haha.

At 1430, we got ready for the Dynamic Show.

We witness how Navy and other operatives integrate to hammer the pirates.

Daddy hopes the next Navy Open House will feature an Archer surfacing infront of the spectators (something like this Dutch Sub blowing). If budget permits, maybe add some fireworks or pyrotechnics for the effects :p

Daddy show us the difference between Missile corvette and Frigate. Daddy say Missile corvette has a remote aeroplane at the rear (bow).

Lastly, we boarded Navy’s minesweeper. The Bedok family (Bedok, Katong, Punggol and Katong) are tasked with keeping Singapore’s sea-lanes free of mines.

Boon Wee ask whether there is a vessel christened Sengkang?

Kids try to engage their Typhoon on another target. Fortunately, there are “Do Not Touch” reminders for the kids.

We found out that “Head” refers to toilet in Navy lingo on board the Bedok. There is a warning on the toilet door indicating “All Heads out-of-bound during Mine Hunting !”

Video : Other NOH activities

Navy Open House is only possible with the dedication and sacrifices of our Navy folks. While we enjoy the rides, exhibits and experience, Navy family have to sacrifice their own family time. We can only imagine the planners’ logistics and security nightmares.

Thank you Singapore Navy, for another exiting weekend ! Boon Wee and Boon Kang are seriously consider signing on.

Have you seen our FCU video already, you should bring your kids for a fun ride at the next open house. As usual, more Navy Open Housephotos are uploaded on our Fanpage.

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