RSAF45 at Sengkang

For two days only, catch RSAF45 at Sengkang (open space next to MRT station). You will get to mount a V-200 and aim from the Igla, rub shoulders with iHawk and marvel at Heron’s wingspan.

As part of RSAF’s 45th anniversary celebrations, Singapore Air Force is rolling out to the heartlands. Daddy brought RSAF’s No1 fan to the event.

From this angle, it seems like Black Knight is emerging from Boon Xin’s lock.

Helmet is a bit too big but Boon Xin is not deterred. She is worried her helmet might drop, thus she cannot bend down to aim from GPMG’s cross-hair.

A bit emo, as we did not have time to climb every ride

Daddy hope RSAF’s biggest UAV bird will bring some cheer to her πŸ™‚

Tattoos and costume are always the popular stations, and of course simulation games. Boon Xin helps herself to three tattoos.

Video : Climbing onto her V-200

Next stop, RSAF will be flying to Yishun and Simei.
Sengkang Rsaf

Above All, thank you RSAF for staging this interesting event. Daddy pass by RSAF45 Sengkang venue everyday, and he noticed the RSAF folks busy at work from dawn to dusk. Rain or shine, including muddy fields, the show must go on. What most people do not see is the amount of work needed to prepare for the weekend. Kudos chaps!

Although it can be hot standing in the queue, the kids were all enthusiastic! One more day to go. For more RSAF updates, do pop by their Fanpage.

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