Abseiling – what was I thinking?

Climbing up the narrow stairway at Climb Asia, doubts and nervousness taunted my mind. As I peep down from the 15m platform (about 5 or 6 storey tall), I psyche my legs not to go jelly. It would be so embarrassing if I give up now (How would I face my kids etc )

Gripping tightly to the safely lines, you try not to maneuver too much in the tight confined platform. While waiting for my turn, I keep asking myself questions.

-How did I end up in this predicament?
-Why did I volunteer to abseil?
-What was I trying to prove?
-The WHATs, the WHYS the IFs kept trying to discourage me from taking the plunge.

Abseiling (or Rock climbing) is never second-nature to me. I keep repeating the instructor’s instruction to double-confirm I am not doing anything haphazard funny.

The first step (leap of faith) is always the hardest to overcome, imagine your whole body leaning out of the platform!

For abseiling beginners me, the second most difficult task is SMILING for the photographers (plural intended)! Dangling in between nowhere, with all my muscles tensed up, I need to show a V-sign and smile.

Walau (dialect expression of exasperation), I just want to quickly make my descend!

Video Gopro : My legs still get a little bit wobbly when I playback this video. I am proud that I have accepted DBS’s challenge and embraced the new experience

From a parenting perspective, I have always encouraged kids to test their own limits, and emphasize how Sports can train and develop our determination and character.

I have a fear of height, but if I can convince the kids that I can overcome my height phobia, I hope they will have the confidence and courage to face their own challenges. On the other hand, if I fail to conquer my own mental block, kids might grow up with height phobia stigma too.

Some say the best way to teach is leading by example. I hope my abseiling experience has managed to inspire (SPARK) our kids.

Thank you DBS Spark for the invitation, I can now proudly tell the kids that Daddy had Unlock one more level (games speak) 🙂

And this is how it all started. I had volunteered myself with one of DBS Spark‘s initiatives. Boon Wee was supposed to join me but he went for basketball instead.

It would be cool to attempt abseiling together with my boys again. On second thoughts….

(image credit DBS Instagram)

Abseiling might be my Fear Factor, but interested participants can checkout more thrills from Climb Asia (Facebook).

Click for other stunts performed by Daddy Andy before (here, here and roller coasters). I will do anything to Inspire my kids!

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3 thoughts on “Abseiling – what was I thinking?”

  1. Truly parents who lead by example are the most inspiring. Kudos on you for conquering your own phobia of heights in abseiling down from such a tall rock wall! Proud to have a friend like you!

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