What has Boon Yee learned from his Arts class

In our home, Boon Kang (no 2) is always the most creative.
He loves painting as it allows him to express his imagination and thoughts.
(Boon Yee with his Argentina idol Messi)

But we heard from heART Studio that Arts do not only improved a child’s artistic skills and passion, Arts encouraged a child to focus and be patient too.

We decided to send Boon Yee (No 3) to attend heART Studio’s curriculum.
Boy was a little hesitant, I can imagined his inertia.

Boon Yee is a very active boy and he will be the first one to volunteer for soccer or basketball curriculum, but he might struggle to sit down for extended period of time :p

Drawing and painting is not exactly his comfort zone.

From scratching to outlining to different tones of colours and even shading.
Everything has a sequence. Kids are sometimes impatient, and they might skip some steps after losing focus.

Boon Yee has already finished one term, and from his weekly assessment, Teacher Erma can already see some improvement. I do notice he is fidgeting less in class now (haha).


I asked Boon Yee what he likes about Heart Studio so far.

1) Teacher is kind and polite. He is referring to Teacher Erma.
Whenever Boon Yee has problem focusing, Teacher Erma will patiently guide him to finish his assignment.

2) He is looking forward to more art classes. Boon Yee is confident that his arts passion will be improved further with teacher’s guidance. He is always eager to “showoff” his artwork to me and Mommy 🙂

3) He loves to see his cartoon characters comes to life, from scratching, outlining and putting the finishing touches. Spongebob, Star Wars’ BB-8.

Boon Yee has a lot of freedom to decide the backdrop, colours to his art work. His artwork can be as abstract as he wanted.


Weeks after weeks, we see Boon Yee completing more “masterpieces” from his arts class.
Boon Yee is now paying more attention to his artwork and in class.

Through Arts, he is slowly but surely molding his own character.


ps.. our drawing Arts classes were sponsored by Heart Studio

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