Give us your babies..

[ 老夫老妻 speaks, the babies below are temporary sponsored from friends :p ]

The subject title might not go down well with the Police, or even parents.
But please do not blame us if we have too much love to share.

Before you raise the alarm, we confessed we just cannot resist carrying another baby. Mummy is kids crazy (dual meaning, as kids can drive us nuts too).

Daddy prefers babies though, as they smell so much nicer :p
He say babies are so much more obedient, and will not argue back.

We miss burping and cradling the babies. SengkangBabies have all grown up and refused to be pat pat anymore !

Oh, do not try to tempt us to make one more baby, it is always more Fun to handle someone’s baby 🙂

If you are curious about our own babies, do pop by “About SengkangBabies“.

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Author: SengkangBabies

I am a Blogging Daddy of four. Our kids are roaming Singapore to bring you FUN, This blog is use to capture our kids' growing up phases, and we want you to leave our blog with a smile :) View all posts by SengkangBabies

3 thoughts on “Give us your babies..”

  1. Hi Andy, you guys are amazing to have 4 kids. I am still hesitating since 3 is a big number to me now… 3 coming to me for food, 3 coming to me for toys, 3 coming to get attention from me, yeah I am drowning and so does the hubby.

    1. Yes Ally, we plan for 2, but along the way felt we wanted more kids, lively.

      Financially, we have to downgrade some luxurious F&B options, holidays go nearer.
      It is the time and love management, which proves challenging.

      We will never be able to give every child equal love, but the kids know each and everyone of them is special 🙂

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