Miracles from Heaven review

We wish our kids will be healthy, we hope the best for them, but alas some things are beyond our control.
We preview Miracles from Heaven recently and it brought home some feel-good vibes (and tears too).

Miracles from Heaven

Based on a real story, the movie follows Anna’s fight with her life-threatening illness, and her family’s unwavering support to provide the best care.

Still, it is agonising to know that parents can be helpless at times too.
What can we do to alleviate our kid’s suffering?
Boon Xin (7) was seated next to me, and it was poignant for me to realised that Anna is only a few years older.

人生無常 (no one knows what will happen tomorrow), and this movie reminded me to take every day as a miracle. Look around us, our friends, our home, our future, our country.
Count our blessings.

A normal life.

That was what Anna (or any sick child) wanted.
Can you imagine a sick child asking another “Are you afraid of dying?”

My heart shatters.

Instead of enjoying the sun and outdoor, the kids were confined to their beds, dwelling on mortality.
To someone suffering from illness, every extra day is a miracle, a bonus.

A few more touching moments.
– Mum and Dad trying to support each other and family through difficult times
– Anna putting up a strong front for her parents, even when she is feeling a lot of pain
– Dr Nurko’s anguish when he mentioned “Family is the best medicine” (indirectly saying medical science could not help anymore, sob )
– Really heart-warming to find so many angels helping them along their journey to find a cure

Miracles from Heaven poster

A fall.
Did Anna go to Heaven and back?
We will leave you to define your own miracle.

When all hopes are lost, have Faith.

– I tried to be an angel for someone before, read about my BMDP Bone Marrow transplant experience
– Do follow our friend’s raving review of the show too, Life’s Tiny Miracles
– Miracles in Heaven will be released from 21st April, more details can be found on http://sonypictures.com.sg

Video (link) : Movie trailer

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