Nanny recommends 10 Ways to Handle an Ungrateful Child

Came across a Nanny blog recently, with a lot of tips on minding kids. Their organisation is pairing Nannies with families across USA and Canada.

Daddy is extracting some parts from “” for your reading pleasures 🙂

  1. Define gift – The first step a parent should consider is to define the meaning of gift to the child. Let him/her know that a present is not something they’re entitled to receive, but rather something given freely without expectation of reward. Explain that showing gratitude and hiding any disappointment is the least he/she could do.
  2. Lesson in manners – This would be a good time for a teachable moment. Children need to learn what is and isn’t sociably acceptable behavior. A little lesson in proper manners would be in order by explaining what the proper response to receiving a gift should be.
  3. Give gifts to charity – If your child is ungrateful for his/her gifts, go ahead and give them to your local charity. Make sure to take the child along when you do this and explain that there are plenty of less fortunate kids who would appreciate them.
  4. Ignore it – If this is the first time this happens, especially if the gift is less than thrilling, you may just want to ignore the situation. Young children don’t have the ability to hide their feelings until they have the maturity to learn what is expected of them.

A few other interesting topics include :

For more child-minding tips, and how be a career Nanny, do drop by

ps.. some of the tips and pointers might be controversial by Asian standards (or vice versa). For your good reference only.

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