Boon Kang’s McDonald birthday party

Last Sat, we celebrated Kang’s birthday at McDonald, over at Ang Mo Kio Ave 4. We all know McDonald birthday party is happening right?

Kang is seven years old already. We did not tell him beforehand that we are celebrating at McDonald. Imagine his surprise when he wore the cap “Birthday Boy” !

With a few friends and siblings, we rock the restaurant πŸ™‚

Kids do not care whose birthday it is, as long as there is a cake and party.

Our friendly host is Hanni. She coordinates everything for us, and she is good with kids πŸ™‚

We started with balloon games to warmup everyone. When the music stop, the child with the balloon must perform a task, so the others can guess.

Kids try their best to push the ballon to the next person, but overall, they really have some great moments and fun. Our giggling and laughter fill the restaurant.

We team up to play games too, who can find ten straws, a spoon etc. Kids were going to very corner to find their clues.

Who is ready for the cake?

Sing a song, make a wish, and blow the candle..

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves, with games, fries and even goodie bags.

We are happy when Boon Kang is simply smiling throughout the whole party !

Do drop by SengkangBabies album for more photos.
You can get more information about McDonald birthday package here.

**updated 2013jan – 2012 Birthday and xMas celebration at East Coast Mcdonald for Boon Wee and Boon Yee

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