Family photo at Gardens Bay East

Gardens by the Bay will be officially opened on 29Jun2012, but today we pop by Bay East for some photo fun 🙂

We have shared before why it is fun to have Family photos, read the tripod and the missing photographer.

Family photo need not be elaborate, we just have to ensure everyone is looking at camera and SMILING correct? That is the ideal case keke…

Trust us, it gets easier with practice.
1.Identify your backdrop
2.Setup tripod
3.Get everybody into position
4.Remind kids about smiling or no sweets :p
5.Set the timer and ensure at least two auto shots
6.Ensure photographer got a space to squeeze in
7.snap.. (remind kids about step 4 again)

There you have it, one more family shot ! Nice right ?

You can reach Gardens Bay East by walking across from Marina Barrage or from Tanjong Rhu road. (Streetdirectory reference )

Click to read about our Gardens Flower Dome experience in 2011, and view more Flower power in our Fanpage.


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