Cherry Blossom at Gardens by the Bay

Cherry Blossom at Gardens by the Bay, until 27 Mar.
Who would have imagined the pretty Sakura blooming in tropical Singapore!

We took many wefies, but this is my favourite ๐Ÿ™‚
sakura singapore

Gardens by the Bayโ€™s โ€œBlossom Beatsโ€ feature a variety of cherry and peach blossoms in a Japanese-style garden setting. The Cherry blossoms (ๆจฑ่Šฑ) looks nice from far, and even more spectacular upfront.
20160319 gardens cherry blossom1

Wefie and Selfie craze! How many times do we get an opportunity to pose with the pretty Sakura (white, red, pink). We only need mats to picnic under the Sakura ๐Ÿ™‚
family photo Sakura singapore

We were not the only one taking photos, many other families and couples were seen clicking away.
gardens cherry blossom selfie

As this is the school holiday, a list of activities was designed to captivate the young ones.
20160319 gardens cherry blossom

We saw some cosplay characters, they were dressed to blend in with the Japanese culture. We also noticed that some Cherry blossoms had already withered.

Even on the floor, the petals looked mesmerising.
20160319 gardens cherry blossom5

The attention to details (moss, water) is impressive. Even the reflections off the glass panel look good!
20160319 gardens cherry blossom4
20160319 gardens cherry blossom3

Do be prepared for jams (both vehicles and human) and photo bombs ๐Ÿ™‚

Additional tips :
– Cherry Blossom Gardens by the Bay end date is 27 Mar
– Please book your tickets online (24hours beforehand) to avoid queues
– Take tons of photos!
– The exhibit is wheelchair friendly
– Do pop by Gardens by the Bay Fanpage for the latest Sakura updates (or website)

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    1. Japan is still the real deal, but the ones in Flower Dome are spectacular for folks who have not hanami before (like my family).
      Looking forward to next year Cherry Blossoms edition.

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