Children’s Season 2014, Play@NMS

If you drive pass National Museum of Singapore, you will noticed two iconic playgrounds (有龙有象). Once inflated, yesterday’s playground turn into giant bouncing castles!

As we walk nearer, we found some OLD familiar characters! Anyone remember our Elephant and Dragon stories?

Children quickly remove the foot wear and proceed to slide down “yesterdays” bouncing castles!

Welcome to Children’s Season 2014 at National Museum 🙂

(Image credit I ♥ Museums)

We believe Tan Family also had a Fun outing with the playgrounds 🙂
children's season 2014

Video : Rocking the Dragon and Elephant playgrounds !

Old playgrounds Singapore

Children’s Season 2014’s National Museum theme is “Masak Masak : My Childhood”.
Let us showcase more old school games (pre-Atari and nintendo season).

Giant five stones anyone? or maybe Marbles? (watch the video for the actions)

We took the lift up for more Play.

Look what we found at the 3rd level and in the lift.

P.L.A.Y! Children’s Season is all about getting kids to play, to interact 🙂

Who spotted the barn Owl?

There are some sculptures waiting for kids to explore. We had to give it a miss due to the long queue.

We found some interesting toilet rolls art work! So detailed and intricate. Kids were trying their best to peep into each hole for more surprises.

Daddy hope the toilet roll artwork can be lower so that the short ones everyone can enjoy the paper art. Each “roll” tells a story.

At this “dark room”, we are supposed to draw our own imagination with a LED torch. Kids try their best to project their creations onto the wall.

Do take note of the Bouncing castles timing (11am to 1pm, 3pm to 5pm)

I ♥ Museums and their top 5 tips for PLAY@NMS (National Museum).

(Image credit I ♥ Museums)

Masak Masak : My Childhood will be exhibiting at National Museum until 03 Aug 2014, and admission is free. (by the way, Masak Masak is Melayu for Play Cook).

Select Museums will be free during Children’s Season 2014. Do pop by their Website and Fanpage for latest updates. Up to 21 museums await you!

Which Museum is free

You might be interested in our Army Museum and Art Science Museum
(only for reference, as Children’s Season itinerary will be different).

More Masak Masak photos have been uploaded into our Fanpage album.

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  1. You must go back to go into the area that had the long queue. My kids had the best time there! We’ve already been twice and need to go back since the bounce animals were not inflated. Also, food for thought was a great stop for lunch with just me and my 4 young kids! Love SG!

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