Crizal Lens now come with UV protection

Remember Daddy’s OptiFog Crizal lens review.
Essilor is proud to announce the launch of the NEW Crizal UV lenses for 360 degree UV protection for the eyes!

Yes, you heard Daddy correctly. We normally associate UV with sunblock for our skin, against the Sun’s radiation. But spectacle lens?

Crizal lens already protects our vision against 5 enemies of vision, Reflections,
Scratches, Smudges, Water droplets, and Dust.

Daddy was impressed when a soccer ball smashed into his face, but lens was not SCRATCH !

Crizal research indicates that UV lights :
– accelerate eye aging and the appearance of cataracts
– 40% of UV rays can reach eyes when we are not under full sunlight

Read about how Crizal’s new lens is helping us protect our eyes against harmful UV light. More benefits are listed on Crizal’s webpage –>

From now till 31Dec2012, just name 6 enemies of Vision and you may win Crizal lens. Click for Contest details.

The above Crizal image is from Crizal website.

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