Huawei Mate

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Mention Big screen smartphones (phablets) and established brands like Sony Xperia, or Samsung Mega comes into the picture (literally).

They call this size of devices “phablets” because it is bigger than your regular smartphone, but smaller than tablet.

Thanks to Huawei, we got to trial our own phablet, the Huawei Mate has a screensize of 6.1 in.

Mention made-in-China and the general consensus is “Really? Eeeks! No Way”.
Does Made-in-China product really carry such a bad image?
(iPhone is from China’s Foxtron)

Army boys will be more accustomed with the brand Huawei, as this is the economical smartphone, without camera.

Most smartphone consumers are more aware of the iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Google and Motorola etc. The so call “cooler” brands are more established and we deem them more advanced. Established brands are also more expensive.

From left to right, Ipad Mini, Huawei Mate and Samsung S4.

But to be honest, Daddy is curious why consumers are paying good money for “branded” phones, and only utilising less than 15% of the smartphone’s functionality. Daddy is not even using the Air view, Voice activation, or GPS on his Samsung S4 :p

The kids are happy with Huawei Mate’s online performance, video and games playback are fast and sharp. These are the photos taken with our new Phone. Not the best, but pretty decent, especially when we compared it to our Samsung S4.

Daddy would like to share his views on technology.
In a decade, the basic functions of a phone has undergone an evolution.
Then, it was cool if a phone can simply sms, make a phone call or execute simple games. Camera phone was unheard of, and yet today, smartphones are killing off the point and shoot cameras.

With online mobility, apps and content developers are fueling the demand of consumers.
10 years ago, the term Social Media was not even coined.

Ironically, a phone was designed to connect with each other, but with the raise of Social Media adoption, everyone is glued to our screens Big and Small. We now hear fancy terms like “Disconnect to Connect” !

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

What do we like about our Huawei :
– The big screen, gaming and video always look better on a larger screen
– good battery life
– The selling price is definitely more affordable compared to established brands
– If you are not a high-end smartphone user (like Daddy), why do you need to pay more money for all the “under-utilised” gadgets and features

What can be improved on our Huawei :
– The screen is too big for one hand operation! There is always a fear that it will slip.
– Daddy has use the Samsung Note (screensize 5.3in) before, and it refuse to slip into his jeans pocket.

We will share more personal experience on our Huawei Mate in the next post.

Meanwhile, more sample photos can be found on SengkangBabies Fanpage.
Do pop by Huawei website for more product details.

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