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Ahoy Boon Yee, our little boy is one mean pirate, and he serves off the sea of Sengkang and Punggol.

When Boon Yee dons the eye patch, he was giggling away because he suddenly look so menacing. The pirate hat is a good complement too.
It would be the perfect makeover if we have the hook-hand.

Anyway, we got an invitation to review LolliBox‘s box of surprise, and when Daddy knew it is going to be a pirate set.. A PIRATE SET !!.. he jump onboard and agreed readily.

Look at our boy and girl eagerly waiting for Daddy to open their present.

Quoting from Lollibox, each fun box aims to Create, Discover, Enrich, Award your child. Believe us, we have to “ration” the goodies in our Lollibox to make sure everyone got to play. It is that FUN !

(photo below take from

One of the pirates’ objective is to seize a treasure chest and decorate it with shining pieces of jewellery. Boon Xin (a girl) should find this fulfilling.

Next, we have to play Treasure hunting! We use Kit-Kat to engage the kids, since the kids might not be interested in Gold and Silver.

While Mummy hides the treasure chest, Daddy drew a treasure map for kids. Please use “X” to mark the spot hehe.

Lastly, Lollibox’s package came with a diy Pirate makeover. We encourage the kids to hands-on to create and design their own creation. We have an eye-patch, a pirate hat and a skull knuckle ring !

Now Daddy is a fan of Captain Jack Sparrow, and we know our kids are now fans of pirates merchandise and movies too !

More about LolliBox :
– Parcels can be delivered addressed to your child’s name (cool)
– Subscriptions are available for 3 or 6 months
– There is a new theme every month
– Lollibox is recommended for kids from 3 to 7 years old.

For more hands-on creative ideas, do pop by or their fanpage

More Pirate Fun photos can be found at our SengkangBabies fanpage.
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Thank you Lollibox for your sponsorship, we have a small problem now.
Boon Yee (5) and Boon Xin (3) are asking us to play treasure hunt everyday πŸ™‚

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** updated 2012 Aug23 – LolliBox Pirate giveaway. Refer to SengkangBabies Fanpage or image below, for contest instructions. Dateline is 28Aug 11pm.

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