One day, Daddy wish kids can build a Robot-cleaner

Who are RoboLabs? We attended in3Labs‘ orientation last Sat to discover more about ET Robotics. Daddy first touch robotics in his Poly years, and Primary school kids are now building their own robots for international competitions wow.

What are Robots? Teacher Yama told us anything which can be programmed, is considered a Robot. Your iPad, Computers, even fridge can be programmed, thus can be considered as some form of Robot.

StarWars, Transformers, Doraemon, and Terminator are all Robots πŸ™‚
Kids eye brighten up. AstroBoy will always capture Daddy’s their attention.

Next, we proceed to discover what Robots can do.
Robots are used everywhere in society, example Advanced medical surgery (precision) and Bomb disposal (safety).

Dancing. Kids keep twisting the controller up and down to make the Robot dance.

We cannot wait to build our own robots, our class project is a motorbike robot.
With Lego lookalike bricks, and kids’ enthusiasm and curiosity, we have all the ingredients for a fun class.

Along the way, kids can pick up an interest in science, maths, and creativity.
In3Labs’s motto is “Integrate, Innovate and Inspire“.

As we are using something like Lego bricks, we can design anything, only restriction will be our creativity.

Secretly, Daddy hope some designers will come up with a remote-control to dictate kids’ behaviour. We love our kids but sometimes they drive us nuts. During those moments, we can press buttons like “Listen”, “Just do it do not argue”, or “Eat”, “Sleep”, “Shower”, “Study” haha.

Kids will have a sense of achievement, when they see their own “robot” start moving.

Hopefully, kids will bring home with them, a new interest in Science and Maths.
More Robot photos can be found at our fanpage.

We would like to thanks Jane (of In3Labs) for the invite, and hello to the other kids from (jBabies and TanFamily who join us that morning πŸ™‚

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Interested parents can contact Robolabs to discover more about their curriculum and fees. Trial classes can be available to gauge your kids’ interest.

– Web :
– Email :
– Mobile : 9828 6006

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If you love our Robots class, in3Labs has a trial class worth $75 to giveaway.
Class will be conducted on 29th July 2012, Time 13:30 – 16:00hr
Venue: Waterloo Center, Blk 261 Waterloo Street , Unit #04-37 Classroom No. 2

1) Pop by our fanpage, give the Robot below a name. This class is designed for kids between 5.5 to 8 years old only.

2) Winner will be randomly selected this Sat 21July at 11pm.

Good luck πŸ™‚

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