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Boon Yee is a year-end baby, and his slower learning progress is always on our mind.
Since childcare, we always notice the difference between a Q1 and a Q4 baby, especially when it involves learning skills, independence and most importantly, understanding of instructions.

Year end babies’ thought-processes are not as advanced as those born earlier.
This is perfectly fine, but as parents, our anxiety trait kick in again.
When will Yee catch up, will he feel the pressure in Primary 1?

Both Mummy and Daddy wants Boon Yee to have a memorable childhood, and we do not want to force him to do anything he does not want.

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We have blog about how ThinkersBox evaluate and coach kids to “Learn-to-think and think-to-learn“. Thanks to ThinkersBox’s sponsorship, Boon Yee (6 years old) has been attending their class since Jan.

Have we seen any improvement since Jan?

Mummy is our primary care giver, and she can see the difference in Yee’s attitute.
She used to repeat a sentence or instruction so many times before Yee absorbs, but Yee is more responsive now.

Yi now takes less effort to memorise his spellings.
More remarkably, he is even showing an interest to complete his task !

We are pleasantly surprised by Yee’s new zest for Learning .
He looks forward to his class every week.

Let Daddy show you what goes on in Yee’s classroom

Each child receives a personalised workbook with modules to help improve their cognitive skills.

To build vocabulary, pictures are provided to help children link the words to the concepts they represent

Shapes and Games to encourage the kids to ask quesions.

Kids get to exercise their visual analysis and try to piece the “jigsaw” together. This is not as straightforward for kids.

Kids learn how to draw straight lines first. As the lines get finer, it is now difficult to maintain a straight line. This will help kids to trace their alphabets characters and control their pencil grip.

Computer game time, except there is a timer. Kids need to scan, analyse and determine which objects or shapes appear in the earlier slide.

Concept of position “Up, Below, Over, Between” etc. The concept will change when we select a new object (perspective). This helps the child to build connection and relational abilities.

ThinkersBox offer modules for kids from 5 to 12 years old, do click for their training modules. Through a series of questions, ThinkersBox’s Cognitive Profile Test will tell us more about our kids’ underlying skill sets. Click for more assessment details.

If you are curious about how ThinkersBox can help your child to build a stronger foundation, do contact them for more details :

– phone 6773 4886

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