WowArt makes us go WOW !


Can you hear Boon Yee shouting in exclamation “WoW!”. His hands is dirty, but he is super happy and proud of his artwork.

WowArt Learning Studio (WowArt) has a series of workshops during the June holidays, and we were invited to trial a few classes last Tuesday.

Look at their artistic hair-blower, let Daddy try to paint our WowArt adventures from the kids’ perspectives.

Lesson 01SHELLS – How do you draw and emboss a seashell?
Daddy thought it looks like a fossilized seashell from dinosaur era.

Choose your Seashell motif first.

Kids will draw the seashell outline, with help from Teacher.

Yi and Xin need to choose their own pastel colours.

A little touchup, and our seashell is ready. Tata !

During class activities, everyone is serious about their own masterpiece.

..but kids will be kids. Cheeky Yi and Xin could not resist playing some pranks :p

Lesson 02Yayoi Kusama Polka Dots – Kang and his butterfly canvas

The final stage requires Boon Kang to stamp different patterns. Daddy might not appreciate abstract arts, but Kang’s masterpiece looks very pleasing 🙂

Thank you Teacher Huda for her tips and guidance 🙂

Lesson 03PAT a COLOR

Yi is encouraged to choose his own shapes and colours. He gets to exercise his imagination to paint his own abstract background. In fact, WowArt will strongly encourage your child to express his or her own creativity.

Teacher Adilah would be on hand to provide some guidance and recommendation.

We would like to thanks WowArt for the invitation. Daddy is very impressed by the kids’ creativity and patience. It is not easy to keep a kid focus for two hours, but something at WowArt has sparked our kids’ interests.

WowART Learning Studio is located at:
200 Upper Thomson Road
#01-10 Thomson Imperial Court
Singapore 574424

WowArt Fanpage
Telephone: +65 6352 2221

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