Disney on Ice Treasure Trove

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The title reads Disney on Ice Treasure Trove.
And a Big Treasure Trove was unearthed at Indoor Stadium !
Disney Ice treasure trove

Our favourite Disney characters were out in full force to delight the audience.

(Image credit http://www.disneyonice-asia.com)

We were invited to witness Disney on Ice Treasure Trove last Thursday at Indoor stadium.

Magical. Everything about Disney is Magical.
When you see Mickey and Donald and the gang, everyone gets a healthy dose of Happiness.

It feels like we are back in Disneyland again, do pop by our Disney HongKong adventure and Tim Sum with Mickey 🙂

The costumes were elaborate, the props were creative.
Look! TinkerBell and Peter Pan are flying! Kids get to know how bad guys (Captain Hook) will not win the day.

Captain hook

Buzz Lightyear and Woody teams up again, who can forget the toy soldiers.

Alice’s tea party, the Queen of Heart soldiers have gruesome masks !

And Some lucky kids got to spin in teacups.

Ariel and her underwater friends.

Rapunzel with her long long hair.

Can we sit on Aladdin’s magic carpet !

Aladdin magic carpet

Daddy’s favourite scene was Circle of Life. The wilderbeast stampeding scene was very visual. We were happy when Simba and Nala finally finds each other, and waltz and dance as their love blossoms.

Circle of life Simba

And the classic Love story from Disney must be Snow White.
Kids sing along with the seven dwarves Hi Ho.
Children screamd “NO” when Snow White was about to bite the Apple !

The stadium goes silent in anticipation, moments before the prince plants his kiss on Snow White.

When Snow White and her Prince waltz together, all our hearts melted, so sweet 🙂

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Disney on Ice Treasure Trove last show will be on 23rd Mar. Tickets can be purchased at this link. Do pop by our Fanpage album for more magical photos.

** Video spoiler alert – do not let the children see this video first, as we wish to keep the costumes and setup a mystery

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